LG G2 vs Sony Xperia ZL – Comparing Differences to Help You Decide between the Two

The Xperia series from Sony has been very popular with users.

Sony has struggled in the past with its range of smartphones. However, with the Xperia ZL released in the market, the company finally re-entered the smartphone arena with some hope. LG also has been in the smartphone business for a long time. The smartphones released by LG promises great functionality to its users. The Xperia ZL comes directly in comparison to the LG G2 device. Let us compare the two smartphones in terms of their features and specifications.

Sony Xperia ZL

The Xperia ZL device, when compared to the LG G2 32GB variant, offers a plethora of differences between the two devices. The first difference is between their pixel densities. The Xperia ZL comprises of 5 inches display with similar resolution as that of its competitor. However, the device comes with a pixel density of 440-ppi in comparison to the 423-ppi pixel density of the LG G2 smartphone. The device also comes with an external memory card slot for memory enhancement. It has an internal storage capacity of 16GB. The external memory card slot is absent in the LG G2. The Xperia ZL comes equipped with a mass USB storage support. The user does not require installing any supplementary software.

The Xperia ZL has a dedicated camera button that enables the user to take pictures with ease. It also also offers FM radio with headsets and video light facility for recording movie in low light. The Xperia ZL is a tad shorter and narrower at 131.6mm and 69.3mm respectively in comparison to the LG G2 smartphone, that stands 138.5mm tall and 70.9mm wide.

LG G2 (32GB)

The LG G2 comes with a bigger battery at 3000 mAh in comparison to the 2370 mAh battery unit of the Xperia ZL. The LG G2 offers approximately 26.58% extra battery power. Both the devices come equipped with a quad core processor. However, the LG G2 comprises of a quick running speed of its processor, clocked at 2.26GHz in comparison to the 1.5GHz running speed of the Xperia ZL device. Although, both the devices come with glass protective coating, the LG G2 has a branded Corning Gorilla Glass protective coating. The IPS display of the LG G2 is better than the TFT screen of the Xperia ZL device. In terms of camera, the LG G2 has a better primary and secondary camera of 13MP and 2.1MP respectively. In comparison, the Xperia ZL comes with a 12.8MP rear and 2MP front facing camera. The camera of LG G2 comprises of optical image stabilization feature that is missing in the Xperia ZL device.

The LG G2 is substantially thinner and lighter at 8.9mm and 143 grams respectively in comparison to the 151 grams weight and 9.8mm of thickness of the Xperia ZL. The G2 has more internal storage capacity at 32GB as compared to the 16GB internal storage capacity of the Xperia ZL device. The curved design with no bezels around the screen provides the LG G2 with a chic look. The device offers a comfortable feel when held in the hand.

The Snapdragon 800 chipset offers integrated graphics and LTE cellular chip. The LTE enables the user to download at rapid speed in comparison to the older 3G technology. The Qualcomm Krait 400 processor comprises of NX bit security, hardware-supported virtualization, out-of-order execution and Dynamic Frequency Scaling technology. The LG G2 runs on Android version 4.2 Jelly Bean operating system that offers a multi-user system to its users.

Overall, there are more reasons to choose the LG G2 over the Sony Xperia ZL.


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