Is Google Maps the Best Free GPS Navigator?

Google Maps GPS navigator, a mobile application built by Google for iOS and Android operating systems, is probably one of the best GPS navigation systems to find out where you are or to know the different routes that can be taken to reach your preferred destination.

Taking advantage of various integrated long-standing features like voice search capabilities, and Google search, users can find their local destinations just by speaking out or typing a business name or an address. What’s it that makes Google Maps the best free GPS navigator? There isn’t just one feature, but several that make this app a great choice for those looking for free navigation systems.

Whether you are walking, driving or using public transportation facilities, Google Maps features voice guidance for each and every turn to reach your destination. The voice search on the Google Maps navigator is undoubtedly one of the best features available.  Its search tools go to a great extent to assist a user. One good example of this is that ambiguous words and queries that are not spelled correctly are clarified without the need for the user to key in the exact address and the best possible route to the destination from the origin is calculated quickly.

Distance Calculator is one of the latest and best features that have been added to this app to let Google Maps to assess the precise distance between two or more points. In simple words, it helps users to know the time taken to navigate from one point to the other and the distance that they will need to cover. They can also change the route to driving, walking or flying and find out how the time and distance parameters will be affected. With this feature, users can also share the distance and route by just clicking on ‘generate link for this route’ for the link to be generated automatically. This link can be copied and shared with the user’s Facebook friends or Twitter followers.

Users can also hook or combine their Google Maps with other resources of data, thus making it possible to see unusual and interesting maps. For instance, with this app, users can use Gawker Stalker to detect someone else’s location. They can also get the map, which indicates to them where the zip code borders are.

Another great feature is if users look up their house or their location on Google Maps and find that it is not in the right location they can always make changes and edit it. Though, they cannot edit all the locations.

With access to this Google Maps app, one need not use physical maps. Thanks to Google Maps navigation, searching for bus terminus, health facilities, fuel stations, restaurants, business premises, and other facilities has become a hassle-free task, that too without any charges. Just pick up your smartphone and download Google Maps GPS navigator for free and you would be all set to go and explore places!

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