Battlefield Hardline Dev Says We’re Making a Different Game

A lot of criticism surrounded Battlefield Hardline when it was announced, because, EA always had a two year cycle before they introduced new games.

It was not the case with Hardline, which was confirmed for a release date, the very next year, after Battlefield 4 got released in 2013, but the problem here is that BF4 hardly lived up to expectations. The game was good without further argument, but it had too many bugs and glitches that the developers hardly rectified any of them, even after months since its original release.

They introduced the Community Test Environment, which has saved some trouble and it looks DICE is making some progression now. The upcoming game is not developed by DICE, but Visceral games, the team behind the successful Dead Space, is making it. They are now under pressure to deliver and meet expectations of fans. It was clearly visible that people expect a lot from the title, as soon as the beta got released. It was so overwhelming that they had to resort to the next best thing, delay the game and make sure that they have got everything right!

A New Game in the Making

Sharing their views in a recent interview, the developers of Battlefield Hardline said, “We now know that we have a lot to deliver and it doesn’t happen in a day’s time. When we finally released the beta for the game, which was experienced by a large group of players around the globe, we confirmed that we are on the right track. People did love it, but it also made us realize the fact that there are so many things we could do with it.

The community feedback played an integral role in our decision, because it helped us know the areas where we could improvise and also make changes that would lead to an actual ‘cops versus robbers’ game. Our intention, to keep it looking like Battlefield, was to make sure the audiences don’t feel alienated at first look, but the community comments clarified that they want a game that justified the theme. So, here we are, borrowing more time, to make sure we live up to the expectations and deliver an all new but a great game that is worthy of the franchise.”

Things to Change

Visceral got busy as soon as the first beta ended for Battlefield Hardline and started posting some changes that they are going through, including the top ten from the community list. They confirmed that the heavy weapons will now be limited, so that people feel more realistic about being a cop or robber. The vehicles were increased with their armor so that they blast with every attack and other changes including multiple bugs were fixed. On the whole, it was an attempt by the team to make it look like the multiplayer game, they intended it to be, but with the nearly one year delay, the expectations have doubled and it is up to them to deliver what fans have been asking for so long.


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