Apple Macbook Air (11-inch) 2014 – Features, Specifications and Price

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Apple Macbook Air (11-inch) 2014 – Features, Specifications and Price

Apple’s Macbook has dented hugely into the sales of PCs and Windows based laptops. The elegance, sophistication, and ease of use, of Apple’s Macbook certainly have a huge appeal. Apple loyalists have always preferred the ‘out of the box’ creative Mac products – right from the earliest Macintosh to the light and extremely compact Macbook Air.

Don’t judge this book by its cover though because though the laptop appears to be small and petite, it is both powerful and robust.


This ultraportable laptop defines portability in laptops. There is no product in the market today that can match the Macbook Air’s portability. With an 11 inch screen, this laptop is small enough to carry around in your hand, and yet large enough for you to work on it without straining yourself too much.

Though the Macbook Air (13 inches) has won more accolades owing to better ergonomics and a more comfortable screen size, the 11 inches version is also a handy and nifty device. The laptop comes with Apple’s standard OS X. The design hasn’t changed at all as compared to the earlier models of this computer.

However, the multi -touch track pad and the LED-backlit display will really make you enjoy the experience a lot more. Of course, this latest edition is about $100 cheaper than its older counterparts are, so that is good news. The base laptop comes with 128 GB flash storage, but there is a version with 256 GB storage as well.

The computer has dual microphones and a front facing camera with 720p HD capabilities.


The laptop is rather small and measures 7.56 X 11.8 X 0.68 inches. The screen measures 11.6 inches and the body is made of lightweight aluminum casing, which is not only sturdy, but also adds to the computer’s portability factor. It weighs 2.31 pounds – lighter even than the much talked about the convertible Windows 8 laptops.

There are two USB ports – one USB 3.0 on either side. There is also room for your headset jack and a charging thunderbolt port on one side. Unfortunately, as with the other Macbook Air products, this one does not have an HDMI port, an SD card slot or an Ethernet jack either.

To use these ports, you will have to use a third party adapter installed externally. The keyboard is also very short – a complaint that has been raised several times. If you get used to this smaller keyboard deck, you will have some difficulty transferring to the standard sized keyboard of any other computer.


The Apple MacBook Air 11-inch (2014) is available at the price of $1,099 from the Apple store. However, you can get it for $1,079 at Amazon. If you are looking for portability, then Macbook Air 11 inches is the answer to all your prayers and the steep price won’t pinch you too much.

However, if you are price sensitive, then you might as well try a Windows 8 convertible laptop or a Dell Ultrabook because they offer portability at a much lower price tag.


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