Temple Run 2 vs. Subway Surfers – Comparison to Deduce the Best Game

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Both Temple Run 2 and Subway Surfers are free games that offer the best quality entertainment and excitement to players.

They are free games, provided the player does not try to buy some of the unlockables with real money. However, you may not have the time to play both these games, so here’s a comparison of the two free games.

Same Goal

Both the games have the same purpose of running for as long as you can and as fast as you can, collecting coins while running. There is no other objective in the game, but as the player runs, he can boost his abilities through various small transactions. The two games are available for downloading on the iOS and Android devices, as well as on Windows Phone and the Amazon Kindle Fire.

Difficulty Level

Temple Run 2 is a comparatively more difficult game when compared to Subway Surfers. Both the games have the same controls, namely, sliding up for jumping over obstacles and sliding down for rolling or sliding under the obstacles. In addition, in Temple Run 2, the player has to slide either to the left or to the right for making sharp right angle turns, in order to prevent being slammed on the pathway edges. The same motion is also present in Subway Surfers for sliding from side to side through the three lanes in the game, but this is easier. In Temple Run 2, the player has to move the device from side to side for veering left or right. This is an additional burden while playing, not present in Subway Surfers. Obstacles are also not so unforgiving in Subway Surfers as compared to Temple Run 2. In case of Temple Run 2, the player will immediately die if he runs into any obstacle, whereas in Subway Surfers, the person can hit the obstacle and still keep going.

Comparison of Visuals

Temple Run 2 has more natural visuals, with an Indiana Jones touch to it. The setting is imaginary and based on the ruins of South America, with a monster chasing the player. The game brings in a greater sense of dread, compared to the mild chase of an Inspector and the player in Subway Surfers. Subway Surfers is more light hearted and rather cartoonish, using animated backdrops of cities in its settings. The characters are cuter, whereas those in Temple Run 2 are more serious.

Payment Options

Both the games are free to play on your mobile device and offer in game purchasing options. You can pay for upgrades to the existing characters or pay for new characters. Players can also use real money for purchasing boosts, additional lives and powerups and so on. Temple Run 2 tends to make the player pay up more, as the difficulty level of the game is higher. As for Subway Surfers, the game starts with more amount of in-game money for the player, so there is less need for purchasing at least in the initial stages of the game.


Deciding on one or the other is entirely a matter of personal preference. If one is looking for a serious or challenging game and does not mind spending some money for a virtual game, one can opt for Temple Run 2. On the other hand, if one were interested in a fun or whimsical run around the town, without any real serious purpose, Subway Surfers would be the way to go. In any case, the player has to run for his life in both the games. Both the games are fun to play and offer enough adventure and excitement for the player.

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