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Since the creation of the incredibly addictive and popular game Temple Run, the game’s popularity keeps growing by the day.

Now there is Temple Run 2, and it is free to download from App Store and Google Play. Thanks to the success witnessed after the release of Temple Run, the creators (Imangi Studios) were so thrilled that they decided to come up with Temple Run 2.

Tempe Run 2 was released with about seven characters, including Usain Bolt. Now, Temple Run 2 has become more addictive because of the exclusive power-ups and characters for all special occasions. It also has improved graphics, and the map is new too.

The Concept and the First Impression

The concept is still the same as you will still be running out of the temple and be chased by the guarding monsters because of the relic you have just stolen. You have obstacles along the way that are built in such a manner that a player will get confused and probably make the wrong move. There is also a new cave in Temple Run 2 and other gameplay cosmetics such as sliding ropes and mining carts.

The first impression when playing this version of Temple Run, is that it is slightly tough. The good thing is that players get to choose their characters. The characters get unlocked once you have attained a specific milestone. You can also purchase most Temple Run 2 characters using real money.

There is also an introduction of a target system just as it is in Subway Surfers. When you have internet and beat the challenges you get daily, you will be rewarded handsomely.

Get unlimited coins

Temple Run 2 is also an endless running game where the runner’s stability is determined by the coins. Coins are a critical component when playing this game. You will need them when you decide to purchase better characters, get power-ups, gems, achievements and even goodies.

You can get unlimited coins by downloading the DiskAid application on your device. To do so, extract folder, click to add the file called ‘gamedata.txt’ then move it to the folder that has Temple Run 2. Once you have done that, you will not only have unlimited coins but also have more goodies.

Disney Goodies

Even though Disneyland is kid-themed, it is not completely for the young ones alone. Temple Run 2 seems to have shaken hands with Disney World, and this explains the Wizard of OZ character. This game also seems to have taken the theme of the successful film Brave to bring out the character traits of that film. The resurrection wheel gives you freebies and bonuses each time you use the option ‘Save Me’.

Two years ago, Imangi Studios introduced Temple Run to the world. The company seems to be evolving as this can be seen in the gorgeous updates, remarkable virtual display, incredible features and nonstop bug fixes in Temple Run 2.

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