Tango – for Developers, Gamers and the Amazon Firefly 3D Smartphone

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Tango is a free mobile messaging service that makes it possible for its users to have fun, get social and connect with others around them.

Recently, Tango announced two major projects that show just how committed the company is to ensuring that it grows.

The initiative is a 25 million dollar fund that also saw the appointment of a new Games Publishing Vice President Jim Ying. According to Ying, this is the first messaging app to have made such a huge financial commitment.

How Will Developers Benefit From The Fund?

The Tango Global Games Fund enables developers to leverage this leading messaging platform. Developers will also be able to take advantage of Tango’s marketing efforts of initiating top-tier games.

This fund will be primarily used to sustain the company’s new publishing strategy. The strategy states that instead of limiting Tango distribution efforts to leading real estate, games that perform best will get promoted via supplementary, off-platform marketing methods. The acquisitions and investment of game teams will also be put into consideration.

Within the Tango app, game developers will have the opportunity to reach the game’s two-hundred million members via Tango channels, chat notifications, native ads and getting listed as feature game.

What Gamers Will Get From Tango

Not only is Tango easy and free to use, gamers also get:

-Free global and local text messages, great quality phone and video calls

-Messages and calls do not use SMS or minutes plan

-Automatically searches for your friends via Tango

-It is always on. You will, therefore, never miss a thing

-Works across PC’s, tablets and smartphones

-Enables group chat of up to 300 friends

-Gives you the ability to personalize your profile with photos and status updates

-Use Spotify to discover, share and listen to songs

-Play mini-game or share photos during a call

Tango Tip for Android users

If you happened to respond to a friend’s chat too late or did not see it, it is time you turned on your sleep pop-up notification feature and ‘quick reply’. Once you do this, you will see a small bubble pop up the next time a Tango message comes through. The best part is that you can even respond to that message from the current screen you are using. You simply click on the bubble and start replying. Here is how to turn on the sleep pop-up notification:

-Open the settings option

-Locate ‘Tango messaging’ and ‘sleep pop-up notification’.

-Checkmark the two boxes, and you are good to go.

Once you are done with the bubble, you can do away with it by dragging it to the screen’s center.

Tango and Amazon Fire Phone

The Fire Phone is Amazon’s first smartphone. This 3D smartphone improves the way users shop and stay informed by helping them scan product codes via the built-in FireFly feature. Tango is one of the apps you will find in the Amazon App store. So, Tango members can expect to enjoy their messages and calls in a neat, new dimension.

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