Candy Crush Saga vs Farm Heroes Saga – Which is the Best Free Download Game?

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Released by King, Candy Crush Saga and Farm Heroes Saga have often been compared with each other.

While the former seems to have broken most records as far as popularity is concerned, the latter is relatively new in this field with a limited fan following.

However, if you are stuck at a certain level in Candy Crush Saga since a long time, and you are looking for a different game made on somewhat similar theme, Farm Heroes Saga might offer the exact diversion you have been looking for.

The Plot

Candy Crush Saga revolves around the theme of crushing candies. You will have distinct objectives in each level and you need to clear them to progress the level. There are different objectives in each level and you also have power – ups like color bomb, striped candy, wrapped candy and many more, to help you out.

The main theme of the game is to keep crushing candies by mixing them and huddling the similar ones together. You should ideally try to make different patterns to help you make larger combinations and thereby score higher.

Farm Heroes Saga is another game launched by King after the whopping success of Candy Crush Saga. This game also works on roughly the same plot. However, you do not have delectable candies; rather they have been replaced by vegetables and fruits.

The Graphics and Sound Effects

Candy Crush Saga seems to have an upper hand as far as sound effects and graphics are concerned. The delectable candies along with the delicious chocolates are too good to be missed. While Farm Heroes Saga too offers you excellent graphics, most gamers ended up missing Candy Crush Saga.

Even when it comes to the sound effects, Candy Crush Saga still has an upper hand. Gamers who have been hooked to Candy Crush Saga love this game so much that they are likely to look for something similar. Farm Heroes Saga is by no means inefficient. However, it failed to live up to the hype that was generated by Candy Crush Saga.

There are boosters and upgrades. Like Candy Crush Saga, you have the option of buying the boosters too. The interface of the game is user friendly and it does look like King did its bit to ensure that gamers would have a different game similar to Candy Crush Saga, and yet retain its own individuality too.

Farm Heroes Saga is the top choice for those who have been stuck at Candy Crush Saga for too long now. As both the games are available for free, you can at least try to play both and then pass your own verdict.

If you judge the games based on the popularity quotient, Candy Crush Saga will emerge as the clear winner. However, if you check out other parameters too, Farm Heroes Saga will give Candy Crush Saga a stiff competition because the game seems to have some of the finest features and does offer an excellent plot and interface as well.

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