Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – Features and Specs Compared

The Galaxy Note 3 and the Galaxy Note 4 are compared herein, with regard to their features and specs.

This comparison would help the potential buyer, in coming to a well-informed conclusion, as to which smartphone would suit them the best.


The Galaxy Note 3 smartphone has a stupendous 5.7 inches screen having a high resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The device came with a superb screen resolution on its release. However, the Galaxy Note 4 is believed to have similar screen specs, but rumors indicate that a better screen resolution of 3480 x 2160 pixels is in the pipeline. This marks the first difference between these two smartphones.


The Note 3 from Samsung Galaxy series consists of a quad core processor. The device comes with an LTE version measuring at 2.3GHz along with an Octa core processor running at 1.9 GHz. The smartphone comes with an internal memory of 32GB expandable up to 64GB.

The Galaxy Note 4 is rumored to come equipped with an option of Octa core or LITTLE 16 core processor. The device is believed to come equipped with an Exynos 64-bit chipset. Apart from the above-mentioned specs, the phablet is believed to come with a massive 128 GB internal storage capacity.

Operating System

The Note 3 runs on Android based operating system that uses a Jelly Bean version 4.3. In comparison, the much-awaited Note 4 is expected to run on Android as well, but would come with the recently released Lollipop version 4.5.


Cameras form the key tool on Galaxy Note 3 phablet. The Note 3 made use of 13MP camera offering the user with awe-inspiring photo shooting experience. However, the Galaxy Note 4 is expected to come equipped with a whooping 20.7MP camera. Note 3 users must take a note of it, if you were able to click superb photos with 13MP camera, think what a 20.7MP camera would offer you. The smartphone is expected to come equipped with state of the art features, such as drama shot, best shot, best face and some similar features to those of its predecessor, the Note 3.

Add-on Features

The celebrated S Pen of Note 3 phablet was used to the hilt. However, the Note 4 is expected to come with added features apart from the features the Note 3 sports at present.

However, the Note 4 is expected to come with a plethora of features that the users would relish using the S Pen.


The Galaxy Note 3 was introduced to the world priced at $750. At present, the Note 3 is made available at a price of $680. It is believed that the Galaxy Note 4 would be made available at a price of $750. It sounds a reasonable price for the launch of a phablet that is expected to come equipped with latest features and specs.

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