Instagram – Turning Images from Mundane to Cool

Instagram offers an excellent means for transforming mundane and ordinary looking images into something cool that you can share with friends and other members.

Instagram is a very popular app for sharing photographs and videos. With just a few touches, you can create a retro like effect and share them with other members. The app has also added several updates recently, allowing you to use filters on videos and post the feed just as you post photos. Brightness and contrast features can also now be adjusted with the Lux slider feature. The application helps you create a story of your life through your photographs and videos.

How to Get Started

Users can sign up for the service using their email address, a user name and a password. The site offers configuration for automatically posting to Facebook or Twitter or other social sites, such as Foursquare, Tumblr, Flickr and Posterous. You can also just opt for sharing the images in the application or through email. In addition, you can also opt out of all these and not share the pictures at all.

New Features

Once connected, you can take a photo and scale it, add effects and then press ‘Done’ for sharing the photos with others. The application offers various filters that are customized to give different effects to pictures, such as a grainy black and white one or a retro effect or a tilt and shifting option and so on. The auto straightener feature can help straighten the horizon. The slider can be used for fine-tuning effects. The Lux slider is also a very useful feature. After finishing with all these filters, you can add a caption with geotagging and share the photos.

Video Sharing

You can even take videos and share them right away after adding the filters, in the same way as you do with photographs. There is a second button that switches from photo to video. Just touch the button to video shoot and then let go to stop the shooting. The app enables a maximum of 15 seconds of video shooting. Deleting sections is also easy while taking the video. There are 13 filters for editing the video. The Cinema feature brings in additional stabilizers that make the video smoothers and more stable, in case there is movement while shooting the video. You can also select the cover frame and then share the work by showcasing it on the app.

Importing Videos

Instagram also offers a new feature in its latest update, where you can import a video that is present in your library. The feature does not offer support for all types of files but allows you to create the starting and the ending points of your video, again with a limit of 15 seconds. You can import only one video at a time for now. However, with the addition of this update, there will also be an influx of videos in your Instagram feed. You cannot filter these videos and this might be annoying to some.

Exploring Members’ Pictures

After signing up with Instagram, you can follow other members in the Feed page, where the recent images taken by them are shown. You can comment on the pictures and like them. As Facebook has also been integrated with the app, you can also like the pictures on Facebook. The Popular list offers a view of all the popular images on the application from all members. You can also search for particular users in the Explore section or the News Tab to know the latest actions from your friends or see what they are viewing currently.

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