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Google Hangouts, the free video chatting service from Google has overdone the famous chat messengers like Skype, FaceTime and the FB video chat.

Here’s why Google Hangouts is better than any other voice chatting service provider. Browse through the splendid features and switch over to Hangouts for the classic voice chatting service it provides.

Keep the Conversations Steaming

Google has offered this ‘keeping your conversations alive’ sort of a feature. So, if you had been wanting to chat with a friend of yours, who is away on the messenger or currently not available, you can still leave your message on the chat or the voice chat and he/she will get to see/hear it whenever they are online on Gmail. This is a kind of voicemail service on your landlines that has gone online with Google Hangouts.

Handpick those Happening Conversations

If you’ve had some memorable conversations to cherish about with your near and dear, you can always choose to handpick the conversation history from any device – yes, Hangouts make it possible. So what stops you from reliving those conversations when you have been missing a close one? You could connect back even more strongly now. Hangout right away!

The Gang Talk Hangout

When it is the ‘friendies time’ and you feel like having a good laugh with your big gang of friends, rely on Hangouts. You can perform a live chat with 10 or more friends together – something like an advanced con call over the net! Even when your friends are not living close by to you, Hangouts can easily get you connected to that gang of friends who have always given you the best times of life. Stay close and stay connected, do the gang talk royally with Hangout.

One Hangout Touch, One Call

Google Hangouts offers you the feature of video calling your family and friends; single or a group, no matter what, at the touch of a button. So if the person you are calling has a Hangout on his/her phone/tablet, they could be talking to you in a jiffy. Well, if they are not accessible at that particular moment, Hangout will always intimate them when they are back!

The Computer Calling

Now talking to your friends from your computer is very much possible. You can call your friends and family from Google Hangouts. Especially, if your dear ones live in the US or Canada, you will be super benefitted; because you will never be able to get such fabulous low call rates anywhere!!

Hangout with Google Hangouts and have fun like never before!

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