iPhone 6 vs Sony Xperia Z3 – Which Has Got the Best Camera Function?

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After the long wait, the iPhone 6 has finally hit the market. It offers an excellent alternative for anyone looking for a premium experience, different to what most other people have.

The closest competitor for the iPhone 6 is the Sony Xperia Z3. There are many differences between the iPhone 6 and the Xperia Z3. Most notable is their powerful cameras’ function, which can make it hard to choose, between the two, if you are looking for a phone with a great camera.

So, between the iPhone 6 and the Sony Xperia z3, which one sports the better camera?

The iPhone 6 Camera

According to Apple, this is the most popular smartphone camera at the moment. When it comes to the camera’s abilities, Apple has not gone all out as it was expected. The iPhone 6 sports an 8MP camera with the same sensor resolution as the one used in the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 5.  The camera still retains the 1.5 microns pixel size and the aperture remains at f/2.2.

This only goes to show that the improvements done on the iPhone 6 smartphone are not significant. The most notable improvement in this phone’s camera is the video capturing feature. The smartphone comes with optical image stabilization technology, which is not present in the iPhone 5. The phone’s camera also comes with a faster autofocus mode as well as a 43MP panorama mode, which makes it appealing to photographers.

The Xperia Z3 Camera

The Sony Xperia Z3 features a 20.7MP rear camera. Sony uses the same Exmor RS 1/2.3 sensor on the Xperia Z3 that features an f/2.0 G lens. This phone’s camera also comes with an ISO range of up to 12800, which is the highest ever used on a smartphone. The G lens sensor in the Xperia z3 is wider when compared to what is used in other Xperia handsets. It comes with a 26mm wide angle, which allows the capture of more objects in one frame. This is a great feature for anyone who is interested in shooting landscape photos.

This phone’s camera also supports 4K video footage with a very impressive digital stabilization feature. This is more advanced than what is used in the Xperia Z2. The phone has an intelligent, active stabilization mode, which gathers data from the accelerometer and the gyroscope of the phone top gauge movements which minimized the blur in the footage. Previous use of SteadyShoot stabilization technology has worked seamlessly with the Xperia Z1 and Z2 and thus this new and improved stabilization mode is expected to make it possible to capture the most stable videos ever.

Even though it has a powerful rear camera, the Xperia Z3 does not offer much for the front facing camera. It features a 2.1MP that can shoot 1080p videos. Though this is not much, it is an average camera for selfies.

The Bottom Line

In terms of usage and specs, the Sony Xperia Z3 features a much better camera than the iPhone6.The 20.7MP camera places the Xperia Z3 on a level of its own. While Apple uses the slow-mo video feature mode and other useful technologies, it is not enough to make up for the benefits that come with a 20.7MP camera.


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