Three Top Features That The iPhone 6 Will Probably Come With

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The iPhone 6 will be released in the mid of September, and according to some leaked images, it will come with at least three new features.

Wireless charging

It is more likely that the iPhone 6’s back panel will have an inductive charging component, which will connect to an inductive charger surface. This way, you will charge your iPhone without having to plug any power cable into it.

LTE Category 6 antenna

According to Business Insider, the new wireless internet connection type will be called LTE Category 6, an upgraded connection of the “old” LTE Category 6, which came on the iPhone 5S. These new upgrades will double the max. connection speed, from 150 megabits per second – which is delivered by the iPhone 5S, reaching up to 300 megabits per second. Regarding the connection stability, it seems that Apple is still working on the iOS 8 in order to make it faster and more stable than the previous OS.

“Blinking” Apple Logo on Notification Alert

According to MacRumors website, some new leaked pictures of the iPhone 6’s back panel revealed a cut-out Apple logo, which will be set off to “blink” in order to indicate specific notifications. If this is true, it will be the first time Apple does that with an iPhone.

MacRumors also added that in those leaked images with the iPhone 6’s back cover, they noticed some changes such as control buttons or SIM slot configuration. On the left side of the device, the volume controls will stay unchanged, but on the right side it seems that the location of power button will be changed.

These features might come on the iPhone device, which will be released in two models, a 4.7 inches one and a 5.5 inches one, in the mid of September 2014.


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