Samsung Galaxy S5 vs HTC One M8 – Price, Features and Specifications Comparison

The Samsung Galaxy S5 and One M8 smartphones were among the top listed Android phones launched recently.

These flagship phones of 2014 have proved to be by far one of the best phones released by their respective manufacturer. While both the smartphones are priced relatively on the higher side, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is fairly more expensive than the HTC One M8.

Design and Colors

The Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone features a dimpled or pitted plastic rear with a removable back, and is water resistant. On the other hand, the HTC One M8 is available in a metal rear with a non-removable back. In other words, while the Galaxy S5 is considered to be a plastic phone with a Gorilla Glass covering, the HTC One M8 is talked of as a metal phone. While the Samsung smartphone has a few buttons on its side, the One M8 has only one side button for unlocking the screen.

On the color front, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is available in five colors, mostly in shades of blue and gold, apart from black and white as against the three metallic colors you can choose from for your HTC One M8 smartphone.

Verdict:The HTC One M8 feels better to hold with its almost fully metal design and rugged feel. And although color options are limited, the existing color choices of HTC appear to be better than those of Samsung.


Like its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone has a single speaker which is situated at the back of the phone rather towards the mouthpiece. While top volume is satisfactory, it can tend to become a bit harsh at times. And when the volume is low, the sound gets to be quite feeble and inaudible. The One M8 has two front mounted BoomSound speakers with enclosures that render far better clarity and produce more powerful and thicker sounds. This makes them ideal not only for enjoying your favorite music on the phone, but also for watching a video or playing a game.

Verdict:Without doubt, the HTC One M8 smartphone ranks far ahead of the Samsung Galaxy S5 with respect to the speakers feature due to the production of more lively sound effects.


Both the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the One M8 smartphones use the same Snapdragon 801 processor for their CPU. However, the clocking frequency of the Galaxy S5 phone is 2.5GHz – very slightly higher than the 2.3GHz clocking frequency of the HTC One M8 phone. However, this does not affect the day to day performance of the HTC One smartphone with respect to games and apps.

With respect to the RAM capacity, both the smartphones are at par with 2GB RAM which is the standard for top-end smartphones.

Verdict:Both the Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC smartphone score equal points with respect to their processor efficiency and RAM capacity. Neither phone actually performs ahead of the other in this regard.


Once again, both the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the One M8 smartphones rank equal with respect to the storage feature. Both come equipped with 16GB phone memory and a microSD slot each. The only difference between the two phones in this regard is where the slot is positioned. While it is located as a pop-out tray on the side in the case of HTC One M8, the slot is present under the removable rear of the phone in case of the Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone.

Verdict: With the same storage capacity, neither smartphone can actually be judged a winner over the other.


With respect to size, both the smartphones are at par as the screen size of the Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone is very slightly more than that of HTC One M8. However, they use different display technologies. While the Galaxy S5 uses the same Super AMOLED display like its predecessor Galaxy S smartphones, the HTC One M8 features a SLCD display which has similar functionalities as the IPS display. The Samsung smartphone produces better contrasts and blacks. While the blacks appear blacker with Galaxy S5, they come out grayish with HTC One M8. On the flip side, the HTC One M8 screen renders natural colors and better top brightness which is ideal for outdoor use. But, a truly interesting aspect is that both the screens portray 1080p resolution.

Verdict:Both the Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One smartphones are at the top with respect to performance using their display technologies.


This is once again a tricky area to judge. Both the smartphones function using Android 4.4, KitKat which is the latest version of Android’s operating system. However, the interface layout of the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the One M8 smartphones are quite different, and they use the same style as the previous models in their series. The Galaxy S5 utilizes the TouchWiz style, a feature packed system that makes the look and feel of the interface appear simpler, while the HTC One M8 features the Sense 6 that incorporates a few add-ons. But, this does make the HTC interface easier to use and simpler for the eye. Additionally, you can change the font of your smartphone from the default one, to one that you really like.

Verdict: Although both the smartphones use the up to date version of Android’s operating system, HTC One M8 scores over the Samsung Galaxy S5 in terms of an easy to use interface layout.


Both the smartphones feature two entirely different types of cameras. The Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone encompasses a 16-megapixel ISOCELL camera that incorporates LED flash and has phase detection auto-focus capabilities. In contrast, the HTC One M8 smartphone has two cameras with a 4-ultrapixel main sensor and dual LED flash. The ISOCELL sensor of the Galaxy S5 contributes towards minimizing crosstalk between two sensor pixels through a barrier between them. As a result, the images produced render better colors and effects. With the HTC camera, the details tend to get reduced although they produce better shots in low light. However, the flash of HTC’s camera renders more colorful and even shots.

Verdict: The Samsung Galaxy S5 emerges victorious as far as the camera is concerned, especially if you plan to capture detailed shots using smartphone.

Battery Life

The HTC One M8 smartphone features a battery with capacitance relatively lesser than that of the Samsung Galaxy S5. This results in the Samsung Galaxy S5 featuring at least 10 percent more battery than the HTC One M8. When on full charge, the battery of Galaxy S5 lasts for two days if the power saving mode is turned on. The One M8 has a similar mode that you can set to be automatically turned on when the battery dips below a certain level.

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