Halo 5: Guardians – Learn About Master Chief’s Journey

“Halo 5: Guardians” is coming, and it’s coming with a bang.

All Halo fans would be really pleased right now because the release of Halo 5 is just about a year later. 343 Industries, the managers of the Halo Franchise, have announced that the game would be released exclusively on Xbox One, in the fall of 2015. This is good news for all Xbox fans, because on this next gen platform, Halo 5 would perhaps come up with things that none of the Halo games ever had. The Halo Franchise is finally coming to the Xbox One, and another new engine – something that Microsoft had long been planning.

The Story of Master Chief

Fans of Halo would recall how Master Chief was in a very challenging position at the end of the previous Halo game. By the end of Halo 4, Mater Chief had already begun to question a lot of thing things that he had so far believed in unflinchingly. He was shown questioning his past and his destiny. He is trying to understand his purpose and who he is fighting for. After losing his best friend, Master Chief finds himself in a moral dilemma, which is taking him further from everything he had held dear to himself all this while. This is where the game becomes very interesting, and this is exactly where Halo 5 picks it up from.

Master Chief and UNSC

In the past, Master Chief had been working for the UNSC and during the course of his association with them, he has done a lot of things that he may not have been proud to recall. Now, with his best friend gone, he wonders about all the things he has done for them. As he ponders over these vital questions, he begins to explore his own past and tries to piece together things that he no longer understands. The teaser trailer shows a very interesting image of the Master Chief in a hood, walking across a barren expanse, a landscape that appears to be a desert. If that does not give you goosebumps, we do not know what will. It is this teaser that has made Halo 5 even more interesting for those who are anxiously awaiting the release of the next addition to this revered franchise.

The Story So Far

In all the previous stories, you may have already figured out that Master Chief is working towards saving humanity. What he is doing is selfless, and yet it comes at a great cost to himself. In the background, there are things that he is unable to understand. He wonders who is calling the shots – is it really the UNSC? Are they really doing what they say they are? He has a lot of questions on his mind and in this next installment of Halo he intends to find answers to these questions. The questions are interesting and so is his journey. 343 Industries feels it is very interesting for them to work on the story and to build it up and we are sure that it would be equally interesting for the gamers to unravel the threads of this mystery and see what lies at the end of the tunnel for Master Chief.

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