Can Line Messenger Compete with the Already Established Counterparts?

Line messenger has become a common name among the social enthusiasts and is fast growing as a front line messenger.

It has quickly captured the interests of people and social media savvy teens, and is rapidly throwing a real challenge to the already established instant messaging apps like Whatsapp and Facebook messenger. Although it entered this segment at a later stage, it did so with a lot of innovation and improvement on the already existing instant messaging platform. But can it compete with its established counterparts? May be yes, as it has improvised a lot on what users get already. Some of its novelties are:

A better platform and interface

An important plus point of entering the competition late is that it has learnt from other messengers and tried to improve on areas that they are weak at. This includes having a simple, efficient and easy-to-use interface. Line offers a pretty simple interface, laced with features, but all the features have been neatly stacked at places and do not make it look cumbersome and complex to manage. Users have a great experience using the app because of the available features and the ease of choice offered. It is also less crowded than other media platforms, which makes it less prone to technical snags and blackouts that are quite common in well established apps.

Innovative smileys and stickers

A late entrant into the competition, Line had to make itself stand out in order to grab attention, which it did. Smileys and emoticons have become a common feature of any messaging app nowadays. Line offers the option to send bigger and more innovative emoticons and stickers that portray a host of emotions. This makes it easier to communicate efficiently and let the other person know the exact feeling by choosing a correct sticker from a big list of downloadable ones. The conversations become interesting and enable the minimum use of words to express maximum feelings. Line stickers have quickly captured the attention of a large number of people, especially teens and youngsters, who are regular users of such apps. Many people have switched over to Line, while others have started using it regularly for communicating with their friends and loved ones.

A widespread ad campaign

Not many social messaging apps advertise themselves. This is an area that Line has successfully exploited to make itself visible to the world. Line advertises itself in print media and the electronic media, including phone ads also, making as many people aware of its presence as possible. Organized marketing has helped Line attract users, who generally start liking it once they use it and are thereby retained. An intensive ad campaign has put Line much ahead of other messengers in terms of visibility and has every potential to give a tough competition to other established apps in the segment.

Line appears promising and can emerge as the most popular instant messaging app if it can improve its interface further and add additional features that are both innovative and useful.

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