The Sims 4 Pre-Orders Have Begun, Releasing This Sept

After months of speculation and rumors, The Sims 4 is officially ready to get launched in the month of September.

There have been some varying claims on the release date as some official blogs state it to be on Sep 7th while online listings on specific websites claim it to be on Sep 2nd. Either way, it is confirmed that the game is coming this year and it will be a significant upgrade from the Sims 3 sporting a wide range of new features to explore. The game was announced during the E3 2014 EA press conference where the game director explained a lot about its new emotional feature which will be of significant importance in delivering a realistic game play experience. Unlike the older version of the games, characters will now be able to personally react to your action. If your sim writes a horrible poem and the one who reads it is extremely annoyed, he or she will criticize it. At times, it could reach extreme levels where the sim will thrash you for coming up with such an annoying piece of work. The depressed, annoyed or anxious mindset of your sim will continue to prevail till the next day as it will happen in real life.

Smarter Sims

For the first time, in the Sims 4, you will have complete control over your character. It will not be limited to changing their appearance, clothes or hair style but you will have to decide their emotions as well. The sims that you create will reflect what you want them to be and their entire life will be based on the character traits that you provide them in the beginning. It will not only be an individual story but a collection of stories because the game developers have created multiple vibrant communities this time around. All of them are interactive, emotion filled and will pave for interesting stories between your virtual characters. You will have an opportunity to participate in neighborhood activities and be part of the community which will make the game more life-like.

Customization Features

The game features a wide range of customization options both for the individual character as well as the homes that you might build. All of them have been made to favor the new era of touch screens where you can simply pull or pinch on a sims body to alter its features. The same goes for constructing homes which you can do so by visually dragging the edges of the places and altering it according to your taste. ‘Concurrent interactions’ is another feature that the game developers are introducing with The Sims 4. It will allow the Sim to watch a movie, talk and eat – all at the same time.

The game is scheduled to launch on PC and Mac this year, while there is no news on next gen version for Playstation 4 and Xbox One. More DLCs and updates are expected to be revealed as the release date comes close.

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