The Sims 4 AI Characters Are More Advanced Than You Think

With a strong 14 years of experience, EA is teaming up with Maxis once again to come up with a new instalment for this popular franchise.

The many years of experience definitely helped the team in creating the best, and that will be evident when the Sims 4 land in stores. The game is extremely addictive, even though it has nothing new to offer in terms of gameplay and content, because it is a real life simulator. Technically, getting up, going to work and earning money to lead a life should be boring but when you have complete control over your dreams in a virtual world, people gradually got addicted to it. Now, it is a cash cow for Electronic Arts, which is known for releasing multiple DLCs and content that players purchase spending hundreds of their dollars. This trend is expected to continue with the new instalment as well. But, compared to its old versions, this one is expected to be much more sophisticated, especially the AI avatars which are capable of emoting and reacting to each of your actions.

Building Four Different Games

Speaking about the Sims 4 development, its producer Lyndsay Pearson said that their team felt as if they are making four different games at once because it was such a huge franchise. “We have always had different ideas that we wanted to experiment with but there were plenty of hurdles along the way. Moreover, creating a huge world where everything works as it should isn’t easy, but with the new game we were able to explore its maximum extent. Now, we have tried our best to make the sims more believable and their behaviours are something that we have been aiming at, for a long time,” she added.

Ever since The Sims 1, players were complaining that they didn’t like the behaviour of the sims. They were not natural and the characters were unable to perform even basic tasks such as walking through a door without getting stuck. “We can now confidently say that our sims can walk through doors without this problem. It might sound really simple but from a programming perspective, it is really difficult to make this happen. We have achieved the feat now and are proud to see our product evolve into something so much more sophisticated,” added Pearson.

A Futuristic AI

The Sims 4 is all about how you interact with characters and how they respond to your actions. Gaming is always focused on making the NPCs act natural, and the developers claim that they have made it very fluid in this new instalment of the franchise. It is much different in this game when compared to other titles because in Sims if you leave your character sitting in the computer for hours, it will automatically start making decisions. The character will see the time and if it is too late, will wind up and get ready to go to bed to be ready for office the next day. Such is the level of perfection that programmers have achieved in it and they feel it will surprise gamers when they get to play it.

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