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The best anti-virus program should have the ability to protect your computer from spyware and malware. AVG antivirus is a protection program that goes further to scan links and allows you to share files. The latest AVG version is rated as one of the best free programs available today. It comes with strong malware detection abilities and is available with a few extra features.

It is always best to read as much as possible on an anti-virus program before using it.

The Interface and Setup

The AVG antivirus is available as a free download. This can be done from the AVG main page where you will see the free download button. Click through the ad pages for the paid version before getting to the free version. Click on the ‘download now’ button in the page’s center to avoid installing adware, unwanted toolbars or programs.

The new AVG version uses a modern interface version were all the features are displayed in a button format. The main interface is quite cluttered compared to other programs – this is probably because it does not give priority to detection of malware over other features like safe web browsing. To scan for malware, you need to use the small ‘scan now’ button at the lower end of the screen. AVG offers a choice between the ‘full system scan’ and the ‘custom scan’ meaning there is no choice for ‘quick scan’, which is available in other antivirus options. The full scan option scans application, drivers and also rootkits.

Tools and Features

When the AVG program detects a problematic program in your computer, it will automatically move than program to the ‘virus vault’ which a secure and isolated quarantine on the hard drive. AVG does not instantly delete this problematic program. This gives the user the chance to restore program that they would like to keep. Any content in the virus vault is automatically deleted after thirty days or when the content in the vault take’s up more than 10% of the disk space.

AVG comes with a good array of features and tools. It has a web browsing feature that comes with the LinkScanner, which scans web pages. AVG also comes with an identity protection feature which gives AVG the ability to scan for malware meant to steal passwords or identity info.

Email protection is a feature that scans all emails for malware and spam. It also comes with tablet and a mobile app button which redirect to ad pages for AVG apps.

AVG also has a ‘fix performance’ feature which is in-built to serve as a simpler interface for different tools on the computer. This antivirus also comes with a file shredder, which has the ability to delete files from the computer permanently.

AVG’s Security Performance

According to research and tests, the AVG free antivirus has the ability to detect at least 96% of zero-day virus attacks on email clients and web browsers. This is above the 94% industry average. The premium version has the ability to detect 96% of threats, meaning the free version still misses on some programs.

Among the first five free malware detection programs, AVG ranks second. This makes it an ideal free malware detection program for your everyday needs.

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