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Smartwatch and Fitness Band

The Gear Fit offers all the latest wearable tech features. The watch features have been advanced with a vertical orientation mode and increased customization features for the watch face. The Galaxy Gear has been shelved and a new line of wearables has been introduced. The Android OS has also been replaced with the new Tizen OS. The Gear Fit is a combination of a smartwatch and a fitness band. It does not have any of its own applications but rather many other smart features, making it more of a smartwatch.

Forward Looking Design

The Gear Fit is a smartwatch that takes care of tracking your steps and also your heart rate. It has a futuristic curved main body with AMOLED screen and chrome touches. The interface is crisp and sharp and is very responsive. The display is also very brilliant. The curved display on the Gear Fit is the first of its kind on a wearable. The display design is a bit stretched out, which might make it difficult to read horizontal text, especially in case of longer messages. However, the good news is that you can switch between the horizontal and vertical display and flip it whenever you want. The vertical view also offers various types of watch layouts.

Under the curved glass, the base of the Gear Fit is plain plastic in black. It would be better to wear it with a tighter fit, as the heart rate monitor is located on the backside of the unit. It has to be in contact with your skin in order to function effectively. The Gear Fit feels snug and comfortable on the wrist. It comes in three colors of the band, namely black, along with orange and grey. You can also buy bands separately.

The Gear Fit offers features of dust resistance and water resistance, but it may not be suitable to wear when you swim.

A Perfect Fitness Band and Pedometer

The Gear Fit is able to track your steps and also monitor your heart rate. You can use the heart rate screen and just press a button for doing this. You must stand quite still to get an accurate reading. When the Gear Fit is in exercise mode, the heart rate data gets regularly checked. You can use the Gear Fit in four modes, namely, walking cycling, hiking and running. In all these modes, you can set goals related to time or distance as well as the amount of calories burned. The heart rate can also be seen besides the timer readout. The Running mode also has a coaching feature, wherein you can get suggestions related to the heart rate. It will suggest you either speed down or up. You can also enter a certain figure for a maximum heart rate, so that it is better able to target such rates and help you stay within these rates.

The Gear Fit works smoothly as a pedometer and tracks your steps, showing your progress towards the goal you have entered. It turns gold when you reach the goal.

The Cycling mode needs a GPS pin. The Running mode is very interesting as the device will suggest that you speed up or slow down or just maintain the pace, according the heart rate. This is done with small vibrating pings. The coaching mode is concerned mainly with your heart rate.

Notifications and Social Media

In addition to all these modes and features, the Gear Fit also offers notifications from the social media. You can view Facebook updates and tweets on Twitter and many other such features.


The Gear Fit has a futuristic design and many other additions compared to other fitness bands. It can also measure your heart rate and is an activity tracker as well as a smartwatch.

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