Resident Evil 7 Release Date – Coming For Xbox One and Wii U?

Even if Capcom didn’t unveil Resident Evil for PlayStation 4 at this year’s E3, it seems that the release date is set for the fall of 2015.

For now, this game has been confirmed only for PlayStation 4, but it’s something normal for the Japanese media, since they usually only publicize the PlayStation 4 in their mainstream press releases.

However, this game is very likely to come for Xbox One also, and many fans hope that it will come for Wii U as well.

There are rumors saying that RE7 will be somehow related to the Retribution movie, and this is what most of the fans expect.

Some reports say that the characters from Resident Evil will be back, and it is already confirmed that Albert Wesker will surely return. Along with him, Alice – the main character from the film series might come back as well and it is rumored that Milla Jovovich who portraits the character, will be voicing Alice in the game.

However, another trusted source – Capcom, the creator of the game, said that Alice will not appear in the upcoming game. With other words, it’s hard to guess what’s really going on with this game, but we hope that Capcom will come with some news in the near future.

Anyway, we are sure that the gameplay and the graphics will be awesome as always. The Resident Evil has always been a top survivor/horror game, and we’re sure that Capcom will come with great improvements on the new version of the game, which will place it again on the top.

As we will get closer to the fall of 2015, Capcom will surely give us some news about their upcoming game, Resident Evil 7.


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