GTA 5 Online Heist Missions Leaked, Release Date Is Close

While Rockstar is getting ready to come up with the most wanted online heists for GTA 5, information with regards to this new addition to GTA online has already leaked.

Based on the detailed explanation of each mission provided, it doesn’t look like a rumor or a cooked up leak but rather official data from the developers. For a long time, gamers on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 were waiting for the heists upgrade which is considered one of the most amazing additions to the multiplayer experience offered by the game. It is a lot of fun because players will be able to team up and rob banks or indulge in multiple heist missions that offer huge bounties. They are much more advanced and high paying jobs when compared to the petty missions found in previous DLCs released. As it is the best feature, Rockstar decided to postpone it for a long time and are finally gearing up to bring it out, most probably in the month of July or August.

Heist Missions

The information related to these missions was posted by a user named DomisLive on YouTube.

Prison van rescue – The objective of the players is to intercept an NPC driven van where they are supposed to rescue some of their gang members. The obstacle here is that as soon as the prison van is blocked, cops will show up on the scene to defend it. They have to safely escort those members of the gang house. The mission features 16 cops versus 16 criminals.

Drop off hooker – It sounds too cheesy and self-explanatory. All you have to do is pick up a prostitute at one location and drop her off in the proposed location within a fixed time limit to successfully collect the reward.

Cop Territory – Cops will be directly dropped into territory takeover missions and they will not have the option to say no to it.

Ornate Bank Heist – This is one of the most well known missions and players have been looking forward to it for a long time. The objective is to get into a bank, hack the vault, steal money and successfully drop it off in the directed location. The problem is that only 4 criminals will be allowed who will be pursued by 16 cops in this mission, just like in real life.

Fight Gang mate – Two different teams will be pitted against each other in fist fighting matches which is part of the initiation to join the group. Another game mode is Territory takeover where you have to control a part of the city which will help generate revenue for you, as long as it is in your control.

Funeral – One team has to defend the hearse in its procession while their opposition team will try to destroy it. If they manage to destroy it, the Escort Crook Boss will be triggered if the boss is killed.

The release date of heists for GTA 5 got delayed owing to production reasons but we hope it lands in time!

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