WeChat vs LINE – Which One Is Smarter and Helpful?

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If you look at the popular apps that you can use for staying connected with your friends, it is WhatsApp, Line and WeChat that top the list.

Here, we will compare the performance of Line and WeChat to analyze which among them is a better choice.

Free Calls Facility

When it comes to the facility of having free calls, it is Line that will turn out to be the superior choice. With Line, you will be able to make free calls to other Line users. These days, users are always looking for ways by which they can cut down on their phone bills, and with the help of Line, it is easier to talk for free.

When you talk over a 3G connection, the connectivity of the call will be good and you should not face drops in voices either. WeChat offers you an interactive chatting interface, but if you are looking to make free calls, you will be disappointed.

Make Your Conversation More Interesting

When you are chatting, you will love to use stickers and emoticons that can enliven your conversation. Both WeChat and Line will offer you some of the best stickers you can use to bring your conversations to life. As far as this factor is concerned, it is difficult to choose one between the two as the sticker collection of both these apps is commendable. In this aspect, they have an upper hand over the popular portal WhatsApp because WhatsApp users have to make do with emoticons.

Games and More

Do you wish to have a social mobile app that does more than simply allow you to chat? Once again, Line users will enjoy an upper hand. Line has some of the finest inbuilt games and apps, which will give you a great deal of creative freedom.

Feel free to explore the diverse selection of Line apps and games. WeChat, on the other hand, does not offer you any of these features and you will have to be content with sending and receiving messages.

Official Accounts

Both WeChat and Line allow you to join the official chat accounts of some of the leading celebrities. This will give you access to get key updates about them and this feature is also absent in WhatsApp. Those who love to follow things and stay up to date, will definitely benefit from the use of these official accounts.

The accounts differ in both the apps and you can choose the ones you want.

Line also allows you to enjoy some of the best deals and offers and this feature makes it extremely popular among those who like to grab good deals.

With these points, it looks like Line is the smarter choice. However, the opinion can differ from one person to another because it is a subjective call and depends upon your choices and preferences. As both the apps are available for free download, you can use both of them and then pass your own verdict.

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