Chrome Remote Desktop – Now You Can Control Other Computers

Google, the company which is credited with revolutionizing the internet world with its technology-based apps and products, has yet another great product to offer, the Chrome Remote Desktop.

With the growth of modern technology and science, new advances are being made in the field of computing too. The Chrome remote desktop allows the users to control any other desktop or computer, in or out of the network, via their own desktop, which basically serves as a remote control. This technology has gripped a vast majority, especially office workers, who need to monitor their juniors and verify data without actually getting up from their seats.

A Remote Controlled Computer

The Chrome Remote Desktop helps the user to turn his computer into a remote control for controlling any other computer or multiple computers. The user just needs to install the software on his computer and a similar extension, which can be downloaded from the chrome store, on the target computer. Then the host computer can control all the actions of the remote computer, connected over the internet or via a local network connection. This allows the host to solve issues, install programs, troubleshoot modules or check the progress on the target computer without actually having to go to that particular terminal physically. This feature is particularly convenient in work groups where seniors carry out supervisory functions over their juniors’ work or in educational institutions where teachers may need to check and troubleshoot students’ problems remotely. However, the Chrome Remote Desktop is not restricted to only such places and can be widely used by anyone.

Use of Passwords for Security

The Remote desktop feature requires the use of Google Chrome browser and the computers are protected by passwords. So only the two authorized users, who have set up the connection between the two desktops, can access and control the other computer. No third party can gain access without a proper password and extension code. The protocol used for this connection is called the Chromoting protocol and it lays special emphasis on the security of the network and the two connecting computers. The PIN or password authentication is mandatory by default, but it can be removed or disabled if the host and the target desire so and the computers are on a secure network.

High Compatibility

The Chrome Remote Desktop is highly compatible with all the operating systems like Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. This makes it highly versatile and easy to use because all devices can be accessed remotely by using this feature. The compatibility of the software with so many operating systems makes it universal and therefore, highly useful. It can be easily installed on any device and made to control any other device, no matter the network on which it is or the operating system that it is using.

Google Chrome Advantage

Google Chrome is a trusted browser, famous the world over, for its speed and efficiency. Chrome Remote Desktop use Chrome and hence is highly reliable and efficient with respect to its speed and effectiveness.

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