Xbox One vs PlayStation 4 – Which Is The Best Console

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As a diehard gamer, it can be extremely tough to pick between two different gaming consoles. Xbox One and PS4 are both smart choices and they both can offer you some extremely smart and impressive features. Here, we will explore both of them to help you conclude which among the two is better.

The Price Factor

While price isn’t the sole decisive factor to consider when you are choosing the console, we cannot ignore it completely either. PlayStation is cheaper in comparison to Xbox One as there is a difference of $100 between the two.

When you have a price budget to take care of, PlayStation 4 is a better choice. While the features offered by both models are impressive, the PlayStation 4 by Sony is more economical, considering both the base and the subscription cost.

The Hardware Details

When we are talking of the main hardware details, you will find that both the consoles seem to have similar configurations. PlayStation 4 uses GDDR5 RAM, while Xbox One makes use of DDR3 RAM.

The CPU configuration is same for both the models as they have 8 core AMD. Both models offer 8 GB internal memory and the hard drive space is 500 GB. While the core specification is the same, the architecture is very different and this is why it is hard to make an extremely accurate comparison between the two.

The Controls

The gamepad offered by Xbox one is good to hold. It offers you a nice grip and the trigger buttons are nicely designed. However, the controller offered by PlayStation seems to have an upper hand. Termed as the DualShock 4, it is the best gamepad by Sony so far. The analog sticks are extremely brilliant and the triggers have been made more responsive. You also have an in-built speaker. Some users are turned off by the light makers that feature on the controller.

The Media Features

When you are buying a console, you will definitely be looking for media features. On both these consoles, you can play blu-ray movies and even access online services like Netflix plus and Hulu. With the Xbox one, you have an HDMI pass-through which allows for greater TV integration.

As we compare and analyze all the features, it becomes tougher to pinpoint which one seems to have an upper hand. Both the consoles beat each other in a few respects. Ideally, PlayStation 4 wins the battle in price because you can do a lot more with the additional $100 that you save.

However, if you are an Xbox fan, you should opt for it because it will offer you some of the best features. The ease and fun of gaming on this console is definitely unmatched. You will love to play your favorite games on it.

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