Adobe Flash Player 14 Released Beta for Download

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Adobe has introduced an improved beta version of their Flash Player that includes improvements to make Adobe Flash Player 14 run more smoothly on all platforms.

Users that run Flash Player on supported platforms get the first digs on the feature lineup before it gets released to the market. Adobe Flash Player Beta is a version that’s apt passcerty for more experienced users and developers who will need to update their apps so they can work with the upcoming releases.

Addressed Issues and Problems

Some improvements include no more crashes on the video player on some websites, and Internet Explorer 11 can now run Adobe Flash Player without encountering any problem. Since it is still in beta development version, you cannot expect that it will completely address other underlying performance issues. In that case, you will do well to download the more stable build.

Adobe Flash Player 14 Highlights

Adobe Flash Player 14 adds a more innovative approach for engaging and richer digital experience with features to make your viewing experience much better across different devices. Additionally, if you love playing games, Adobe Flash Player 14 makes the experience much better. This latest version also increased its browser compatibility that now includes Android, Chrome OS, and Linux, pocket OS, OS X, Microsoft Windows, and Blackberry tablet OS.

Supports More Formats of Data

It also now supports a bigger range of formats of data although some of them can only be accessed through Action Script. Adobe Flash Player 14 also makes sure that videos are deployed with utmost protection from potential hackers and viruses. Adobe Flash Player 14 is free to download. If you’re using Google Chrome as your browser, you don’t have to manually download the Flash Player because it has its own built-in Flash Player. Other browsers, however, such as Internet Explorer require you to download Flash Player.

Easy and Free to Download

Downloading Adobe Flash Player 14 is not only free but it’s also simple, if you already have a Flash Player installed. All you have to do is go to the official website and not to any other unofficial website. You can find the link for your browser where you can download and install the newest version of Flash Player. With Adobe Flash Player 14, you can be sure to get a virtual experience that’s better than what you have been used to before. Thanks to Adobe, you can always watch your favorite videos in the best quality possible.

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