Titanfall: The Best First-Person Shooting Games?

Titanfall available on PC, Xbox 360, and Xbox One from the developers Bluepoint Games and Respawn Entertainment is truly a game for those who love competitive first-person shooting games.

PC players will not have too long to wait as the Titanfall release is set to be late April 2014. The price for the latest Titanfall is $59.99 on Amazon.

A colorful, slick menu presentation makes progression and options easy to comprehend. Make no mistake Titanfall focuses on multiplayer shooting in an extremely fluid and satisfying gameplay. Soldiers can run along walls, double jump with the ability for you to combine the moves repeatedly to climb rooftops and high walls.

The games verticality makes it different from the normal shooting game with eyes focused on the ground. Your eyes have to be everywhere literally at the same time. Mechs and mad ups make it an exhilaratingly fresh approach in gaming. Pilots can call down massive titular walking tanks, climb in, and wreck whatever is in their way as well as double-jump and wall-run. Dodging fire down, the side of high buildings or across no man’s land offers experiences that other multi-players shooting games lack.

A strategy to assemble Titans who can hold their own against pilots and others and giving you a split-second opportunity to kill a fellow pilot while you are falling hundreds of feet in air after you ejected from destroyed Titans, true adrenalin.

The game also has its usual process of gaining XP’s pilot killings, completing objectives, fulfilling career objectives and more to unlock load out slots and weaponry. Nine awesome maps depict the destroyed future underneath orange skies, one dotted with dragon skulls, and the other orbited by space stations. You can expect several action forms, Titan standing, pilot hunter, capture the flag and domination, attrition death matches. The is a campaign, however the pre-match and post-match dialogue telling the story is bit scant in saying a lot.

You will also encounter minions who deliver short bits of story lines which you will get enjoyment from and they will continuously chat as you play, regardless if you win or lose thy continuously strategize and discuss their own plans. It may sound a bit monotone, but you have to push through in unlocking all the titans.

Although the titans are actually walking tanks, they are extremely customizable and maneuverable making them fun and allowing you to outfit a titan with different abilities and give them different weapons. This lead to hundreds of different ways in which you can approach any battle where you can give your titan electric smoke, tactical ability or give it a lighting gun.

The character development system includes 50 levels of advancement where you unlock burn cards, rewards, weapons, and such. The list of unlockables seems somewhat less when you compared the game with other shooters; however, the focus of the games is based on skill instead of weapon grinding.

On the Xbox 360 version there is lower screen resolution and minor screen tearing, but apart from that it is identical to the Xbox one and PC. A different developer than the other versions handled the Xbox 360 for PC, Xbox One and the soon to be released PS4 version and offers an equally great playing experience.

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