Tom Clancy’s The Division Confirmed by Ubisoft – Updated Starting Point

Tom Clancy’s The Division is one of the most anticipated games in 2015, but we don’t know many details about it. One of the things that most of the players will like to know is where they will start off in this game and what items they’ll use.

In Tom Clancy’s The Division, the players will start with a basic pack of items which they’ll use about 72 hours (in-game time). As for the starting point, according to an interview from, Fredrik Rundqvist, the executive producer of Tom Clancy’s The Division, said that they name that zone the hub or the Green Zone. This zone can be used to meet other player, re-spec or change characters.

Rundqvist also confirmed that trading will have a strong presence in the upcoming game, but they are still working on this feature.  The starting zone will be a place where the players will most likely trade items between each other, since here is a non-PvP zone, so they can’t be disturbed.

Tom Clancy’s The Division will most likely come with a few customizable things and you could even change how your character sounds like. Unlike many other games, where your characters are pre-determined, this upcoming game will let you customize your character in many ways. Rundqvist confirmed that you will be able to fully customize your character’s looks.

Rundqvist did not talk in-depth about the rest of customizations, whether it’s only the facial hair, accessories or clothes etc. However, it is expected that the game will have a strong customizable character system and that the fans will love it.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is expected to be released somewhere in the Q4 of 2015, most likely in the holiday season and it will be available for the next-generation consoles PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and for Windows PC as well.


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