iPhone 6 Release Date With Top Specs and Features

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The Apple’s September 9 big event is just around the corner and the actual launch date for the new iPhone 6 is awaited to happen this September 19.

Though, many things about the new Apple handset stay speculative, information about 6 specifications and features of the new iPhone 6 seems to be led on the confirmation track.


As sure as the new Apple smartphone will be uncovered this week and it will be available in ten days after, buyers can wait for the phone’s real arrival to take place one at a time, which means that only one of the two iPhones 6 versions is ready to reach the market on this month.

The latest hint is the note from KGI Securities, Ming-chi Kuo, which put again in evidence an old prediction that provision issues will obstruct the first months of the next iPhone world release.  Although, in a current report in DigiTimes, it was implied that the upcoming iPhone 6 will arrive one version at a time is actually an intentional move by Apple.

The biggest chance has the 4.7inches model of iPhone 6 to be the first one disclosed this week and release on 19, next week.


Apple fans are very confident about the iOS 8 that will become officially a replacement for the iOS7 by next week, more precisely on 17th of this September. The new iOS 8 will come packed with exceptional features, for certain. Some of this amazing features provided by the new iOS will be: HomeKit (it will enable users to have totally control over their iOS devices connected from home) and HealthKit (it will help to monitor and keep a healthy life).


A great accessory that comes along with the new iPhone 6 that is completely different from the previous versions is the luxurious device named iWatch, which is a wearable hand gadget.

The main functions of the iWatch are in fact mostly extension of the iPhone’s. There are a lot of speculations that claims the smart watch will also be powered by a smaller version of iOS8, and it will become as a remote control for the smartphone, with a couple of iOS8 application integrated on in.

Thus, the iPhone performing along with the iWatch would be delayed for early next year, as reports suggested.


The Apple company is pretty ambitious in persuading iPhone fans to use their device as a wallet with the support of a new service, called iWallet. Due to a report in Business Insider, even if Apple is coming late with this feature, it is still confident to rule online or offline payments via mobile devices.

The three technologies that will come along with the new iPhone, assuring its success by providing easy, safe, extensive and secure facilities for payments are: iBeacon, Touch ID – fingerprint sensor, and NFC.

Also, another element in assuring the success of the iPhone 6 on the market around the world is the partnership with the biggest credit card companies such as Master Card, American Express, and VISA.


It is still a big query when it comes to the camera features of the new Apple product. According to some reports in The Verge, we should not expect less than a killer shooter with rear lens at 8 MP to 12 MP along with the great feature of optical image stabilization.


Many analysts think that the new iPhone 6 will need more cash for customers to take the amazing device home. It is likely for the first version of the iPhone 6 to have a releasing price of $700 or higher, whereas the bigger sized model can have a price-tag at $1000 for the primary configuration.

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