Why Being A Fallout 4 Fan Is Hard? No Release Date Yet

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Being a fan of specific game titles is common but while people who love Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed or Battlefield don’t suffer much, there are the ones who are part of the fan community that wait for years until official announcements surface.

If you love Fallout 4 and has been anticipating news, it could be really frustrating because there are hoaxes, more hoaxes and rumors that come in. When all you want to do is just know if Obsidian is making the game or Bethesda had hired someone else to work on it, the company refrains itself from making anything public. If there is some official news so far, it is what Todd Howard the executive producer of Bethesda spoke about the title. He revealed a couple of weeks ago that the team is still sorting out ideas and they haven’t come to a conclusion yet.

Fallout 5 Is Probably In Development

Speaking to the media, the producer added that the team will be able to share news only when there is news available. The producer was surprised at the level of perfection that people brought about with their mods for Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas. It even made them wonder why they didn’t think of something similar in the first place. From what he spoke, it is clear that mods will definitely play an important role in the upcoming game, if it is under development. Even though, the company doesn’t confirm if they are working on it or not, it is literally impossible to begin now to release the game in 2014 or 2015. So, they may be in a different phase of development at the moment.

A New Developer Discussed

Among the bunch of news that came out and rumors that keep floating about Fallout 4, here is one information that looks somewhat legitimate. There was a job opening in ZeniMax Media and based on the data collected, it is speculated that a new studio named Battlecry Studios will be working on this title. For a long time now, the entire focus was on Obsidian because they were the people who made New Vegas into a memorable title but after they made their plans to work simultaneously on three different titles, it was confirmed that they are not the one working on it.

The company is working on a game titled Armored Tank which is an MMO military shooter, a new version of a previously popular title and another MMORPG. With so many up their stable, it is not possible that Obsidian is the company that is developing Fallout 4 but it could be Battlecry Studios as the job opening claims. The opening was found on Bethesda website as well but it is no longer present. The description was for an environmental designer who could create worlds for an AAA title that is coming for next gen console as well as PC. The hints point to a Fallout series without a doubt, but again, it’s more speculation as usual. While being a fan of the series is hard, it will definitely be worth it when an announcement is made.

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