Minecraft Xbox One and PS4 Release Date in August 2014, Price and Upgrades

4J Studios have confirmed on their twitter account, a few days ago, that Minecraft for the next-generation consoles Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will make it in time and that they can see “the light at the end of the tunnel”.

We were able to see some new screenshots of the game on the Play XBLA website, but many fans said that Minecraft on the next-generation consoles doesn’t seem to bring many improvements in terms of graphics, as the developers promised, mentioning that the game looks similar to the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions.

Anyway, the developers told us that Minecraft on the next-generation consoles will have 36 bigger worlds than currently Xbox 360 and PS3 support. In addition, the developers promised us that we will see graphical improvements and a draw distance on the upcoming version of the game.

According to a report from Gamespot, Minecraft (which was released 4 years ago), sold over 16 million copies for PC and MAC versions. In February, it had 14 million copies sold for PC and MAC, and a total of 54 millions copies sold across all platforms.

In concordance with Mojang, Minecraft will come on Xbox One will all the features that Xbox 360 has and it will cost 19.99 dollars. Also, they are making a discount for the loyal players who already have Minecraft on their Xbox 360, which will be able to upgrade to the new Minecraft: Xbox One version for only 4.99 dollars.

PlayStation 4, likewise Xbox One version, will come with 36 bigger worlds and some great graphic improvements. The PlayStation 3 users who have Minecraft on their consoles will be able to upgrade to Minecraft: PlayStation 4 for 4.99 dollars. However, the new players to this game will have to buy Minecraft for their PlayStation 4 for the price of 19.99 dollars.


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