Viber – Top Reasons Why You Should Download it for Free

Everybody has downloaded Viber.

So should you too? Well, yes, actually. But you don’t have to download it just because it’s what everybody else around you is doing or has already done. There are actually pretty good reasons why you should have it on your mobile devices.

Some people might say that communication is cliché. The world is becoming too small for comfort because of too many communication applications that are sprouting from every app developer who wants to make it big in the industry. While the Internet age has its downsides, such as communication has become more and more impersonal as people are now preferring to just contact each other through their computers or their mobile phones, there are still really amazing things that the advancement has done for us. And besides, everything has a downside or a disadvantage. And if you weight things, you will find out that the advantages of the technological advancements in the area of communication are benefitting us more than causing us disadvantages. If you ask the next person if he or she would rather have a “small world” than an un-reachable one, there is no doubt that the answer would be the former. Always.

But when it comes to Viber, what is it that makes it worthwhile from among the other applications that are available for free as well? Is it worth the disk space? Here are some reasons that might convince you that yes, it is indeed.

Viber Is a More Convenient SMS Alternative

Instant messaging made easier and more comfortable. That’s what Viber is all about. There’s Internet everywhere. You even might have Internet on your device itself. So why still bother paying phone network monthly bills when you can actually communicate through Skype for absolutely no cost?

Many people today feel that their phone bills are way higher than what they expected them to be. This can be due to many different reasons. It could be that you just like texting a lot. Or you might really just need to communicate a lot in your line of work. It might be just expected of you to stay in touch and always on call.

Make the most of your smartphone and go for the more practical, more economical option with Viber.

Talk as Long as You Want Free of Charge

Perhaps the biggest chunk of our phone bills actually goes to the calls that we have to make every day. The good news is that most probably, everyone you know is on Viber. You don’t really have to spend hundreds of dollars every month on phone bills because as long as the person you need to contact is on Viber and you’re on Viber too, you will be able to talk as much as you want without spending a single centavo. You can use this for business calls or simply for those moments when you need a friend to talk with. You’ll see it comes in handy.

Use Viber on Any Device

Whatever device you are using – an Android smartphone, a Blackberry, and iPhone, a tablet computer, or even a laptop or desktop computer- Viber is ready for you. Viber supports different operating systems on mobile devices, making it convenient for download, no matter what kind of smartphone you are using.
And when you are at your office desk or your personal computer at home, you can still make use of the features of Viber, because you can sync the account that is downloaded on your mobile phone with Viber on your PC. If you don’t feel like using your mobile phone at the moment, you can still enjoy great communication features in the comfort of your desktop.

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