GTA 5 Glitch Codenamed Jesus Lets You Walk on Water

That’s a mermaid! That’s a shark! No, that’s actually a man walking on water!

Sounds too cheesy, but that’s how some have been screaming during the GTA 5 online matches where some players were literally walking on water and somehow got the ability to become the God Himself. People call it the ‘Jesus Glitch’ because it lets you walk on water, just like how Christian Bale did in the movie Dark Knight Rises. It’s all fun and we do know for sure that the big God, Rockstar is watching it as well. They are soon going to find the origin of this problem and patch it as soon as possible so that players don’t exploit it during competitive multiplayer matches.

For those of you, who are too eager to try this out, search for the explanation video that a user has given on Youtube, where he walks you through literally on how to activate and make use of this glitch to walk on water. It might help you cross an entire ocean by simply running over it or we don’t know yet, you might be able to drive a vehicle on water. Maybe, someone after reading this is going to try and drive a car over it. If it happens, then it’s going to be the quickest possible way to reach the other end of the city just like driving a water boat or some such thing!

The BIG Spaz Discovery

The glitch that allows this extraordinary feat on GTA 5 was discovered by the Youtube user BIG Spaz. It is a simple one, but fun when you have a go at it. All that it does is to allow you to walk on water and it is illegal according to Rockstar. But, don’t worry because there are always other games that might let you do crazy things as this. Try Saints Row 4 where nothing is illegal and you don’t just get to walk on water in this amazing game, but even run over it with super fast speeds. It’s the alternate of Grand Theft Auto where everything is as wacky as things could get. The glitch doesn’t just allow you to walk over water, but you will be able to go even higher, that is, even end up above buildings, which could change the game in their favor during brutal multiplayer matches.

Glitches Are Plenty

Given the huge size of the game, GTA 5 had plenty of glitches throughout the months and Rockstar has been meticulously fixing them one by one. The most notable of them all, was the one where players had access to the North Yankton area directly, in single player campaigns. The surprising thing was the town was literally floating in the sky. It’s nothing new for people who have already played Bioshock Infinite and are quite used to zip lining around multiple floating cities at the same time. Later, the company found out about this great glitch and fixed it to make sure people don’t assume that there is a bit of Bioshock in the GTA 5 title.

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