Nexus 4 vs Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 – Price and Specs Comparison

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After achieving limited success with the Samsung range of Nexus phones, Google has decided to go down with another company to carry over the product.

LG have been given this task and they have done an extremely good job with the Nexus 4. It may be similar to the LG Optimus G in several regards, but the company has made some crucial changes to make the Nexus 4 more exciting. This is especially true in the case of the processing speed, as the Nexus 4 comes with a much more powerful Snapdragon S4 Pro processor.

The Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 is a replacement for the successful Grand series of phones from the company aimed at a market of dual SIM customers. The Grand 2 builds on the success of the previous generation phone, but it offers some crucial improvements that make it compete with the likes of Nexus 4.


The Nexus 4 is a minimalistic phone with no frills, but it manages to retain the feel of a high-end smartphone due to the use of quality materials. Compared with the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S3, it is slightly heavier at 139 g. Predictably, the Grand 2 is much heavier because it supports two SIM cards. It comes in at 163 g even with the use of plastic materials to reduce weight. On the design front, little has changed from the successful era that started with the Galaxy S2.


Unlike the high-end smartphones within Samsung, the Grand 2 does not go down the route of the AMOLED display technology. Instead, it features a cost-effective TFT display measuring 5.25 inches in size. The 720p display, thus, provides a pixel density of just 280 PPI. This is quite easily overtaken by the LG phone and it does so by two major ways – reducing the screen size and offering the same resolution.

Compared with the 5.25 inch screen on the Samsung, the Nexus 4 users have to do with only 4.75 inches, but this translates into better pixel density of 318 PPI. Further, the LG opts for the True HD IPS Plus panel display, which is perceived to have much better quality thanks to its better viewing angles and contrast ratio.

Performance and Storage Capacity

Both phones have to do with quad core processors, which are rated at 1.5 GHz and 1.2 GHz for the Samsung and LG respectively. The Nexus 4, again, excels by offering a superior version of the snapdragon processor. Grand 2 has a 1.5 GB RAM whereas Nexus 4 has a 2 GB RAM. Despite being a Google device, Nexus 4 initially shipped only with the Android 4.3 version, but it is expected to get future updates much faster than Samsung, which can support up to Android 4.4.

The Nexus 4 trails the Grand 2 in terms of battery specs, as it has only 2100 mAh compared to the 2600 mAh in Grand 2.

Unlocked versions of the Nexus 4 retails at $ 380, while Samsung comes at $ 350.

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