4J Talks About Minecraft PS3 1.06 Update Release

The 1.04 update for Minecraft PS3 brought about a slew of wonderful features that players loved but it did have its fair share of bugs too.

The developing team 4J Studios immediately released the 1.05 patch update that fixed more than 15 bugs in the game but despite their efforts, it looks like players are facing some issues even now. Some players have reported that they have issues with the sounds and when using the invisibility potion. The team is gearing up to bring out the 1.06 patch update soon which will not only enhance the game play experience but will bring some new texture packs and skin packs to meddle with.

1.06 Could Be Out Soon

The studio hasn’t released any official information with regards to the packs that they are planning to release but it is under development at the moment which has been confirmed in their Twitter updates. The Minecraft PS3 edition is about to get a retail release on May 16th and if they are planning to make it huge, it should definitely come bundled with all the patch updates. It includes all those till the 1.06 update because everyone will expect to have a complete game copy, right out of the box. However, the team confirmed that the retail PS4 version of the game will not have the patch updates available in the disc. The release date for the next gen console is far ahead and they might change their statement in the near future which might save users from the hassle of having to download them all over again before they can play the game.

4J Studios has a strong focus on the older generation console that is a welcome move because when the entire gaming industry is moving towards next gen, they didn’t leave the old one behind. The Minecraft PS3 edition is getting a boxed edition on a disc which is a surprising move by the company when its life cycle is almost over. The version will be a delight for people who wish to collect such cult classic games on the PS3 console and showcase them on the long run. Besides, the same boxed edition will be available for both PS4 and PS Vita consoles as well. Sony and Mojang are working together right now trying to find a way to support save transfers.

It is an important feature because it will allow players to safely transfer their maps and creations from Minecraft PS3 to the PS4 version of the game. It is a difficult job to do technically because they both run on different platforms but as the base game is similar, they might just pull it off. It is mandatory for the title to succeed because leaving every map behind and starting new all over is not the best choice for any ardent gamer. They might have invested days or even weeks to create stuff which might go for waste if they get stuck on an older generation platform permanently. An official announcement is expected soon.

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