The Crew Will Receive Free DLC Content after Launch

For gamers who have been constantly complaining and whining that DLCs are becoming expensive besides offering no value for money, the developers at Ubisoft, who are working with The Crew, have some good news to share.

While the entire gaming industry is moving towards the future, where downloadable content is as important as the game itself, these developers dare to be different and have assured that players will receive free content updates after the game gets launched.

Being an open world RPG racer, The Crew is a new take on the racing genre, with the entire system being revamped to deliver a brand new experience. It is all about giving complete freedom to the players, who will have the ability to design their own cars, import custom parts from the web to add them and assist their buddies in capturing others or escaping the police based on the side they choose. It is all scheduled to get launched before the end of 2014 on all major platforms, with full multiplayer support. Compared to the other evergreen racer, Need for Speed series, this one is an innovative idea which is the first of its kind to embrace the racing genre.

Free New Content

Even though, it may not be as full-fledged, as a DLC, the free content, as suggested by The Crew’s creative director Julian Gerighty, will be big enough to keep players busy and have something new to play with every week/ month or so. In a video interview which got recently posted to their official YouTube channel, Gerighty said, “While as a team, we have lots of new ideas and features to implement, I was always keen on one thing. I wanted to do this for sure, which is to keep providing new content to people after launch, so that they will be inclined to keep coming back to the game for more. It will be free content that will engage people into the game and I do see this as your one stop shop for action packed driving experience.”

While this is something new, the game play elements that got already revealed, confirmed that The Crew will be the ‘World of Warcraft of Racing Games’. For people who have never played World of Warcraft, this could be really confusing. If we are to explain this in simple words, it is about a racing game that has so many in-depth features incorporated into it, that, it won’t be something like the ‘hit the gas pedal and keep racing type’! You will have to do a lot more than just driving your car; such as maintaining your notoriety levels, customizing your cars, interacting with other racers and doing much more in an open city, which will be filled to the brim with cars. Usually, such massively multiplayer online games will get free content post launch, apart from the ones that are already in the game and it looks like The Crew will follow the same pattern.

Ubisoft VP Chris Early said that players are embracing DLCs better now, but people were against his statement on the forums. The Crew could well be different with lesser DLCs and more free content. The game launches on November 11.

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