Surface Pro 3 – What Consumers Want on Release Date?

The fan community is bustling with ideas and some of them are exceptionally cool.

It wouldn’t be surprising if Microsoft decides to implement them because they have the potential to make Surface Pro 3 one of the best tablets in the market. Even though, there’s the iPad ruling the roost, it is a complete consumer device and doesn’t offer much in terms of productivity. You won’t be able to create excel sheets or draw a professional diagram that can be shared within a group conference.

The apps are nowhere close to be used as actual software that the Pro tablet promotes. With some tweaking and additional features that buyers had been asking for long, it could soon become the most wanted one it is highly productive with Windows 8.1 operating system. Among the chief suggestions users have, some notable ones are bigger screen size, a slot to keep the stylus, better battery life and an additional USB port for easy connectivity.

Bigger Screen, Thinner Product

The suggested screen size that users expect is somewhere around 12 inches to 14 inches. Consumers opine that Surface Pro 3 will be a better and more useful tablet if the screen size is not limited to the traditional 10 inches that others already have. Besides, the increase in the size of the screen will give an opportunity to boost the resolution 1440p or even more. Increasing the size will always help Microsoft address the most prevalent problem.

They can finally add a slot for the stylus so that it doesn’t fall off or get lost. The tablet doesn’t allow users to charge when the stylus is connected which is something that most users detest and want it changed. An internal port to keep the pen will make it favorable for consumers to carry it around with ease and increased screen size will definitely help in this regard.

Make It Gamer Friendly

Till now, the device continues to be focused towards casual users and business users. Microsoft can choose to attract a huge group of gamers by allowing an option to upgrade video card for better graphics and integrated Xbox controller receiver. The additional options will make the Surface Pro 3 tablet a favourite among gamers because a major list of Steam games are compatible with Windows operating system.

Considering the size of the tablet, it’s not easy to push a GTX titan into it but a decent graphics card could allow average games to run smoothly at decent frame rates. The company has a tough challenge to face here by maintaining the temperature at optimal levels and the thinness of the product. There is talks that i7 and i5 variants with Broadwell technology will be used in the tablet. If combined with a dedicated video card, it could do wonders.

Some of the other additions that could make Surface Pro 3 inviting is different color variants, five different stand positions and laptop styled charging port that uses non-proprietary cables for easy plugging. Better cooling options is another suggested upgrade and users also want a dedicated Windows hardware key.

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