Diablo 3: The Awesome Action Adventure Game

The third installment of the Diablo franchise, Diablo 3, is a role playing action video game from the Blizzard Entertainment.

The game hit the racks in mid-2012 for Windows and the OS X while the Play Station 3 and Xbox versions were available by mid-2013. The game has been hugely successful and the immense popularity led to the release of the game on the Xbox and Play Station 4 on the 19th of August 2014. The game’s popularity can be gauged by the fact that it created a record for the quickest selling PC game when it was released. As per available data, Blizzard sold more than 3.5 million games within the first twenty four hours from the time it was released. It received many awards throughout the year and was the top selling game of 2012, ending the year by selling over twelve million copies. The game also received critical acclaim and success for a number of factors while some facts like an all time working internet connection and the missing end story were criticized too. Overall, the game has won many hearts around the world and is becoming a rage on the new platforms also.

Story and the Game

The game starts in a sanctuary and is set 20 years post the end of events in Diablo 2. The two people, Leah and Deckard Cain, are investigating some ominous prophesy at the Tristram cathedral when a mysterious asteroid falls from the sky and suddenly Cain disappears. Then, the character arrives at the scene to look into the happenings and takes Leah and goes in search of Cain. After saving Cain, the character finds that there is just one way that leads to the fallen star and that is through the defeat of the Skeleton King.

The game proceeds thereon and involves the battles and fights that the protagonist and his companions have to endure and win in order to complete the game.

Various Characters

There are various character classes and the players can choose any of them to play the game. Unlike the previous versions, players can choose any gender they want to and not be stuck with a single gender in the character class they choose.

  • Witch Doctor – This is a new character that is skilled in voodoo culture and shamanism. This character can summon monsters, cast curses on people, call spirits and hurl poison.
  • Wizard – The wizard is another character which reminds of the sorcerer in Diablo or sorceress in Diablo 2. He has special powers which include casting spells, shooting fire, ice and lightening at the enemies. For fueling their power, wizards use arcane power which is a fast regenerating power source.
  • Barbarian – The barbarian is the best example of physical prowess displayed in the game. His special powers include passing through a crowd like a whirlwind, crushing opponents upon landing, cleaving through swarms and having a lot of power. Fury is the special power available to the barbarian and it degenerates over time. A number of other characters are also available during game play.

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