WhatsApp Free Download – The Future After Facebook Acquisition

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WhatsApp is a free messaging application that makes it possible for its users to chat for free with other users of the app. It also comes loaded with extra features that make texting more interesting and easy. When you install this chat app in your smartphone, you end up saving a bit of money since normal text charges do not apply. WhatsApp is also a cross platform application meaning it is compatible with different Operating Systems. This makes it easy for people to chat even when they use different mobile smartphones.

The only catch to using WhatsApp is that you can only use it with other users of the app. This means that you will have to persuade your friends and contacts to download the app for you to be able to communicate. Luckily, with all the great feature and ease of texting WhatsApp offers, convincing your pals will be easy.

WhatsApp was recently acquired by Facebook and currently has more than 400 million users worldwide. It is expected that Facebook will bring new features to this app, amongst them is the ability to call using the application.

Features Already in WhatsApp

Just like the iOS iMessanger, WhatsApp displays chats in little chat bubbles. It gives a time stamp for the messages sent and received and also notifies you when the message has been viewed by the recipient. WhatsApp also comes with the ability to transfer media files like music, videos and images in conversations. WhatsApp also allows for a bit of customizing. It offers the user the ability to change the chat window background and replace it with an image of choice. WhatsApp also allows users to share locations.

WhatsApp comes with pre-made notes like ‘I’m busy’, ‘WhatsApp only’, ‘available’ or battery is about to die’ and many others to notify your contacts about your current status and availability. It is also possible to block users on WhatsApp.

While the WhatsApp messenger app is far from becoming the best apps in terms of features, it is so far amongst the best free messaging apps available.

WhatsApp for Conversation amongst Multiple Users

If there is anything WhatsApp is good at, it has to be group messaging. There is a broadcast messaging feature to send out an audio message to your contacts. You simply press the broadcast button and then click on the radio button to add recipients for the message blast. It is also possible to message a group of people by simply creating the group and adding the recipients you want to be in the group. In this group, members can share images, videos and photos with other members. This is by far the best messaging advantage you get for using WhatsApp over normal SMS service.

It Is All Free

While WhatsApp does come with a number of benefits over the normal messaging service, the most compelling reason that makes it such a popular application is the affordability. WhatsApp is free for download to anyone with a compatible mobile phone and is free for the first year. After the first year, one has to pay $0.99 for another year. Also, the normal SMS charges do not apply. All you need is internet connectivity to be able to chat with other WhatsApp users.

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