Battlefield 4 Expecting Major Update, DICE Support Will Continue

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When Battlefield Hardline got officially announced, a major share of the gaming community got excited about this new prospect.

Everyone started discussing about how a BF universe can be altered to host heist maps. Without a doubt, the upcoming game is a serious competitor to GTA online heists and the Payday series. Despite all this hype, everyone who owned Battlefield 4 was equally annoyed because after having paid $60 for a game full of glitches, it was obvious that they wanted a remedy first. Because of the large scaled approach of BF4, there were numerous bugs and glitches found in the title that drastically affected the game play.

Bugs All The Way

Gamers who not only paid the sixty dollars but another sixty for the premium edition, were so annoyed that they started slamming Electronic Arts in all community forums, fan pages and game reviews. Their rage increased when they saw the new announcement and angrily started demanding the game developers to either come up with a solution or refund the money they have spent. DICE, the developer of the game was quick to spring into action and made a press statement that the studio will not abandon its patrons. They will continue to provide the support that players need until the game becomes bug free.

DICE Steps In

In an attempt to clear the air and let everyone know that the upcoming Hardline will not affect the updates expected for Battlefield 4, DICE said that just because a new game is getting released in the franchise, it does not mean that they are done working on the previous title. Besides, it is also to be noted that the developer of Battlefield Hardline is Visceral Games, the team which worked with EA for the Dead Space series.

Netcode Update

Speaking further on this subject, during the meet, Vice President Karl Magnus Troedsson from Dice said, “Our team has always loved innovation and we have experimented in trying new settings within the game. It is amazing to see our ideas take shape and see our long lasting dream come true but the new release will not affect Battlefield 4 support.” Another reason that BF4 got off to this bug filled release is that the game was rushed to be released in time on the next gen consoles along with Call of Duty Ghosts. This led to an unfinished product landing in the hands of the consumer infuriating them a lot. Even though, some of them consider it to be a joke and post videos online showing some hilarious issues in the game, for someone who pays to play a game, these problems are terribly annoying. A major netcode update is scheduled to launch for Battlefield 4 shortly, to fix the existing bugs while DICE has also opened a new community where players can directly feed in their issues, so that those can be fixed on the fly. The upcoming game is scheduled to be unveiled during the E3 2014 conference which begins on June 9th.

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