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The popularity of Instagram is catching up fast as you can find endless number of people uploading their pictures everyday. The tags, location and other fine detailing of an image add the right flavor to the pictures. However, sometimes when you are in a hurry, you might forget to tag the location of your picture and when you want to change it, you have to make some alterations, especially, if the location of the picture and your current location do not match.

What Is Instagram Photo Maps?

Instagram has this cool feature wherein your pictures are pinned to the different locations on the map where it was taken. The pictures are bundled together based on location and this is a very convenient way of spotting the memories you made at a single place.

The Koredoko App

When it comes down to Koredoko, you have the option of adding the exact coordinates on the map. It will help you pin down the location and you can embed the coordinates and it will help in efficient geo tagging even with Instagram.

If your picture already has the geotag, it will be displayed on its exact location on the map. However, if your location services are turned off, you will have to do it manually. Some people are of the opinion that manually adding the coordinates can be a challenging task because there is no search bar available in this app. If you are looking to fix the picture, you can make use of Google maps and find out the exact location of your picture.

Once you have the precise coordinates, you can drag the image on that location on the map and then click on ‘save the picture’. When you do so, a new image will be saved on your disk and this image will have the location embedded in it.

When you are uploading your picture on Instagram, make it a point to use this updated picture and you will find that the image will be displayed on the right location on the map.

Is It Free To Use?

If you are skeptical of the cost that you may have to bear, it pays to know that Koredoko is one of those apps that is absolutely free to use. You can download the free version and enjoy all the features that you have been looking for. However, the free version does contain ads and if you want to have an ad free interface, you will have to buy the paid version. Most people end up using the free version as it helps them save their money.

Adding the Picture on Instagram

Open the “Share photo” screen in order to share the picture and when you are doing so, make it a point to ensure that the feature, “Add to your photo map” is turned on. It is only when this feature is on that you will be able to see your pictures spotted on the map at the exact location where it is tagged.

You can also choose “Name this location” icon to be sure that not only are the geotag active, but the exact name of the location where your picture was taken would be marked and your image will be huddled with pictures taken in the same location.

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