Minecraft Xbox One Download – Free Your Gaming Spirit with Greater Worlds

Minecraft Xbox One is one of the two curiously awaited game updates from 4J Studios.

If you are a fan of Minecraft, you have been treated to an interesting teaser that might increase your appetite for the real game update release that is yet to come. There have been official screenshots showing what’s cooking in the Minecraft update pot. There was one particularly showing a rough picture of what you should expect, as a Minecraft Xbox One enthusiast. It is also clear, from the series of screenshots that 4J Studios has posted, that Minecraft Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are amazingly similar. They also depart from their predecessor and counterpart Minecraft Xbox 360 in the improved draw distance display. Pundits suggest that this improvement discredits the earlier notion that the world is suddenly ending.

4J Studios Listens To the Players

The response from 4J Studios is particularly welcome owing to the fact that the developer had remained quiet for quite a while about the planned release of the Minecraft projects. The silence had started causing anxiety among the game enthusiasts. The developer recently came out with the clarification reassuring fans that the planned updates are on course. According to the developer, the fan concerns about the size of the game Worlds are being fully addressed. In particular, 4J Studios say that the software engineers are working on increasing the World size of Xbox One 36 fold.

Increased Viewing Distance

In addition to the increased World Size, the engineers at 4J Studios are also burning the midnight oil to make sure that they respond to the persistent user requests that appeared to converge on the matter of viewing distance. The matter must have been so important that 4J studios made a point to include it in the teaser. It is clear in the recent screenshot teaser that that is an aspect that the developer has on the cards.

Effects of the Delay

The delay in the release of Minecraft Xbox One and Minecraft PS4 updates has provided a chance for the Xbox 360 to continue enjoying more playtimes. Yet Minecraft Xbox 360 is likely to be one of the versions that have had the shortest stints in the limelight. The expected release of Minecraft Xbox One has also played its role in distracting players who would otherwise have focused on what is available, i.e. Minecraft Xbox 360. In fact, following the recent celebration of 4J studios Minecraft 360’ssecond anniversary, in the Xbox live Indie Arcade showing, it has emerged that the developer is not through with the Xbox 360 patches yet. Rumor revealed that there was to be an early release of the Title update 16 of the Minecraft Xbox 360. It came to pass.

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