2048 – Easy to Play and Hard to Win


2048 is a deceptively simple and addictive puzzle game that has been taking over the gaming world. Gabriele Cirulli developed the game and released it on the 9th of March in 2014. The goal of the game is simple – the player has to reach the number tile 2048 by combining similar number tiles.

When two tiles having the same value are merged together, they become a single square with the total value of the two numbers. The player has to keep swiping and combining tiles till he reaches the 2048 number. If, however, the board gets filled up before reaching the number, the game is over, as there are no possible moves.

Whenever you move the arrow keys, all of the squares start moving towards the same direction, along with the spawning of a new value of two or four.

The game is very similar to Threes in design and gameplay. Though the game seems easy to play, it is quite difficult to win. You have to concentrate and think and then play the game a little slowly. A small mistake could result in ruining your game and filling up the board. This can be so, especially when you reach a higher number.

Tips to Win the Game

It is better to restrict the movement of the arrow keys to right and down, rather than move randomly in all directions. When you move up, consider the step carefully and try to avoid moving to the left at all times. Try to keep the fourth column fixed and sorted. When you focus on keeping the fourth column fixed, you can build the third column.

In case the fourth column becomes unsorted, you can use the left arrow for resolving the situation and recovering from it. While fixing the fourth column, also try to fix and fill up the third and fourth rows.

Reaching the 2048 Tile Easily

Try to build the numbers side by side and collapse them upwards. It is preferable to keep the upper rows with the higher numbers. Try focusing on any one corner, such as the upper right corner. It is useful to build chains, by concentrating on a chain of two 16s or two 32s or two 64s and so on. Swiping downwards must be avoided at all times.

High value tiles must be kept to the bottom of the board, attempting to arrange tiles in a descending order from the left to the right in the last row and from the right to the left in the second last row. This makes it easy to merge 16 with 16 and then 32 with another 32 and so on, till you reach the 2048 tile.

One easy way of racking up such a high score and getting to the big tiles, is to regularly push tiles towards a corner. The bottom left corner works great usually. In doing so, the 2s and the 4s quickly add up to create the highest numbered tile. If you find that you are getting clogged in any one corner, just switch over temporarily to another corner.

Going Slow

It is very easy to get carried away by the game and start making fast moves. However, there is no advantage gained by going so fast in this game. Those who are aiming at a high score would do better to slow down, look around at the options and then make a move.

This makes it easier to plan what tile will come up at the place and ways of matching it with another similar tile. Also, keep in mind that the blocks always appear on the side that is opposite to the move you make.

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