Google New $100 Smartphone to Rival Moto G

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The reported $100 Google smartphone will not be a high-end model as the other Nexus devices, but entry-to-mid range more like a rival to the budget friendly Moto G. It is reported that Google teamed with MediaTek and the new phone will pack a Media Tek chipset, which one exactly is unspecified yet. It is a new entry and by no means, a replacement for the Nexus 5 as many suspected. Although not a new name in the industry, MediaTek is still behind popular brands such as NVIDIA, Intel, and Qualcomm. By teaming up with Google in making the cheap smartphone, the chipset company has the opportunity to leap into the mobile processor market as a force to be reckoned with in the near future.

It is not a Nexus 6 predecessor

Rampant speculation leads to this low range smartphone to have apart from MediaTek chipset, also 2G/3G connectivity, and 1GB of RAM. It is by no means Google’s next flagship as many suspected, as the flagship status is still reserved for the Nexus 6. The Nexus 6 to be released later in 2014 will be the lightweight version of LG G3; however, that is also just speculation.

The reason for the speculation in comparing it to the G3 is the fact that both the Nexus 4 as well as the Nexus 5 was the watered down versions of the LG flagships at the time, Optimus G and G2. There is no word yet as to which manufacturer will make the handset, however, with Google collaborating with LG on two previous occasions it is assumed that LG will be the manufacturer.

It will not be a mini Nexus 5 or Nexus 6 either, but we can already see manufacturers jumping in the hot seat to outwit Google. Moto 3 is close at just over $200 to be released later in 2014, but still far too high in price to compare with Google’s new $100 device. However, manufacturing the phone with a decent chipset has manufacturers of chipsets, such as Qualcomm and others a little worried.

Google $100 Smartphone vs Moto G

The Nexus 5 at a low $350 is reported still to expensive as a budget phone and one cannot but wonder how the $100 Nexus will fare compared to the budget Moto G. The 8GB Moto G is priced around $249, which means it will have to have serious specification superiority over the planned Google phone to beat it at sales. Rumored not to exceed $100 there will be little competition for those wanting to own a Nexus smartphone.

Motorola’s success in cheaper smartphones, with Moto G being the most successful, highest seller in smartphones prompts manufacturers such as Google into serious competition. If Google does release the reported phone at $100, it certainly will be near impossible to beat. Take into consideration that Moto G was only released late 2013 and has 1GB RAM and with the Moto E at an even lower price, the Google phone will have to have outstanding features, which we already know the Moto has. We will have to wait to see if the Google phone is going to be an inexpensive phone, or simply a cheap phone.

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