The Sims 4 – Release Date Revealed At E3 2014

On the upcoming Sims 4 you will be able to import your friend’s Sim character to your own game session.

During the E3 press conference, EA revealed the release date of the Sims 4, which is on September 2. Along with this great news, the company showed us a few features of this upcoming game.

The game comes with some nice powerful features such as the new “Create-A-Sim” option, with which you will be able to customize your Sim’s bodies along with their personalities, also. Rachel Franklin, the executive producer of Sims 4, said that “the traits and aspirations that you choose influence their emotion”. With other words, they will behave and react to other Sims according on what you will choose when you create your Sim.

The presentation showed how the game can influence the Sims’ emotions or moods, while they are attending an event or when they talk to other Sims.

For instance, Franklin showed a Sim named Chuck, who, after an unpleasant event, went to a party in order to cheer up. But, because a new character came to the party and started ruining it, the player imported Princess, his Sim friend, in order to cheer up the party. It seems that it worked out very well, since Chuck was laughing so hard that he literally fell down to the ground and died. Princess’s presence was benefic because her mission was to cheer Chuck up, but because he was too excited and emotional, his hearth stopped beating. Well, too much laugh can kill you.

EA is hoping that these new features will be enjoyed by the fans, and in the same time, they are hoping that these features will take their game to a new level. The Sims 4 will be released on September 2 for Windows and OS X.

What do you think about the new features that Sims 4 will come with?


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