Flappy Bird vs Angry Birds – Popularity and Glory Lost?

When it comes to games, you have many good choices to pick from.

While there are not many similarities between Flappy bird and Angry Birds, yet these games are often compared. Here we will take a look at the details of both these games and give you a sneak peak of what you can expect from them.

Why Is Flappy Bird So Popular?

Flappy bird was once hailed to be one of the most popular games ever. It also got listed as one of the most downloaded game in the Apple app store. It earned fame for its notoriously difficult levels. Players spent a great deal of time trying unsuccessfully to clear the levels. While the game looks relatively easy to play and the graphics are extremely simple and minimalistic, yet steering the bird to the end point and keeping it afloat is easier said than done.

It takes a lot of strength and huge amount of patience to keep the bird moving in the right direction and owing to the frustration that built in the players, the developer ended up discontinuing the game. What makes Flappy bird even more popular has to be the fact that despite having very simple graphics and not much of an interactive game screen, this game has managed to keep innumerable gamers hooked to it.

There is news circulating in the market that the developer has decided to launch the game once again with some significant changes. However, we are still awaiting an official confirmation date for the launch. The million dollar question remains as to whether or not Flappy bird will manage to regain its old glory or will gamers settle for newer choices?

Has Angry Birds Lost Its Glory?

Just like Flappy bird is discontinued, Angry Birds seems to have lost its glory. When Angry Birds was launched, it became the biggest thing that the gaming world had seen. The fresh wave of interactive and colorful interface and the brilliant graphics along with engaging game play made it a quick hit among gamers.

The popularity of this game peaked in no time as a lot of downloads were done. However, with time, the popularity started declining. There are various versions of the game that are still active in the market with the Angry Birds Star Wars version being perhaps one of the top choices at the moment.

The game primarily revolves around using the bird swith special powers to hurl down the pigs and thereby savor the flavor of victory. Such was the popularity of the game that Angry Birds merchandise was launched and that too became a stupendous hit.

If you are looking to trace the similarity between Flappy Bird and Angry Birds, there is nothing in common except for the fact that they are bird-oriented game. The graphics is entirely distinct and there is nothing much to be compared. One could definitely compare the type of popularity both these games once enjoyed; however, things have changed a great deal ever since.

Angry Birds isn’t as tough as Flappy bird. However, if you keep on winning the levels, you are sure to face serious difficulty in clearing the different levels. Angry Birds is a paid game which is perhaps another reason for the decline in popularity because one can find so many brilliant games for free.

While Flappy Birds will be launched again, Angry Birds is trying all it can to ensure that it can regain its old glory and once again enjoy the same old charm that it used to have. We will have to wait and watch to see what happens next.

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