Samsung Galaxy Core vs Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo – Price and Specs Comparison

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In the last few years, Samsung has become such a juggernaut in the smartphone world that it has swept away the major market share in the industry.

However, to do that it had to launch different variants and models very frequently in this space over the last few years. Resultantly, consumers often find it tough to decide between two smartphones from the Korean giant. The problem is further aggravated when they are looking to buy phones in the entry-level or mid-level segment. Two popular smartphones often pitted against each other are Galaxy Core and Grand Neo by Samsung. Here is a brief comparison between the two phones from the Samsung’s stable.

The Look and Feel

One clear difference that would catch the attention of anybody is the screen size. Grand Neo offers a 5-inch screen that is offered mostly by the top end smartphones whereas Galaxy Core has a simple 4.3-inch screen. However, both of them have the same resolution of 480X800 pixels. As a result, the pixel density of Core is much better at 217 ppi as compared to the sluggish 186ppi density in the Grand Neo. The lower resolution in the Grand Neo has been a disappointment and it makes the appearance pixilated. Moreover, Grand Neo is slightly heavier than the Core, weighing 163 grams.

Hardware and Software Differences

Grand Neo is powered by a quad-core processor that clocks a frequency of 1.2 GHz whereas Core has a dual-core processor. As a result, you will notice the difference when you use multiple applications together or play high-end games. Therefore, the Core may be apt for playing basic games but Grand Neo is good for playing high-end games. Grand Neo comes with 16BG of internal memory and Core offers just 8GB of space. However, both the phones have an option of expanding the external memory up to 64GB. On the software front, while Core offers an outdated Androidv4.1, Grand Neo is powered by a slightly updated Android v4.2.

Some other Differences

Grand Neo is a clear winner in terms of battery backup as it is fitted with a 2100mAh battery as compared to the inferior 1800mAh battery fitted in Galaxy Core. Another noticeable difference is the lack of light sensor in the Galaxy Core. This means that you will have to manually adjust the screen light settings every time you step out or step in. On other fronts, both the phone cameras are pretty much the same. They both have the same camera of 5MP at the rear and 0.3MP camera in the front for video and/or skype calls.

Galaxy Core is the entry-level smartphone by Samsung and Grand Neo comes in the mid-segment. According to some reviews, Grand Neo is slightly overpriced in its space. In fact, other Android phones in the same segment may offer equal or better phones at a more reasonable price. Therefore, Grand Neo is slightly better than the Galaxy Core but this upgrade comes at a price. If you are ready to shell out the extra money then there is no harm in looking out for other options in the mid-segment within and outside Samsung.

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