Tier List: Best SMITE Gods to Use (October 2021 Updated) Season 8.8.

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SMITE has now grown bigger than ever. It has a talented and dedicated fan base. The Company Hi-Rez Studios have now launched the eighth season of SMITE. The SMITE World Championship provides nearly $1 million prize bonds; therefore, this proves to be a source of encouragement for the players. Just to add spice to things, the creative team that deals with this massive franchise introduces new playable characters that the players can enjoy.


SIMTE is the most popular MOBA game, and many professional players play this game. The tier list of SMITE shows how each God in the list stands against other Gods. It ranks Gods from bad to worst according to their performance at high levels of the game so that you may get the idea of the strongest character.

  • KHEPRI, the dawnbringer:

Khepri provides one of the best supports in the game. His good early pressure, helpful passive, and ultimate (which can revive him and other players too) are provided to be tremendously good in the Meta. Khepri offers a lot more than simple CC and damage.

It is quite easy to play, but excluding the timing of his ultimate on his ally can be difficult for new players. It is quite good against aggressive comps. This is because of its silence, root, and revival. But he can get countered by executions which can overlook the effect of the ultimate.

  • HORUS, rightful Heir:

In higher ranked games and SMITE pro league, HORUS provides the best support. He has a heal, a root, a slow, a knock-up, and an ultimate, which will help transform the complete team from one place to another. This will enable it to knock them upon landing. HORUS is very mobile and is the best God in terms of securing objectives in terms of support.

With the help of good team communication, this God can be devastating to the enemy team. This Heir is hard to master but easy to learn. It stands good against most of the comps in SMITE, but it can easily escape if caught of position. Yet, HORUS can still be countered by stuns and slows and also anti-heal.

  • CTHULHU, the great dreamer:

It provides the best support among all the Gods in SMITE.CTHULHU is the highest pick in the complete game. In addition to this, it is one of the best Gods in SMITE and the best solo-laner. His overpowered ultimate fears and roots have made it the topmost support system in the game. In his ultimate, which is the best ultimate in the entire game, CTHULHU transforms itself into a much bigger version, introducing new abilities a fear, heal, and knock-up on casting.

This has increased its maximum health, making CTHULHU undefeatable in all the team fights of the game. Hence it will do more damage as compared to Midlaner, ADC, and Jungler. The abilities of The Great Dreamer are natural to land, and it is easy to play. It stands strong against most of the comps having the least counters at the same time.

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