How to Get High Speed Internet in Rural Areas

The majority of the population from different countries around the globe is into the Internet. Having a strong Internet connection in today’s digital age is a necessity. Unfortunately, most Internet speed in rural areas is poor and slow. Having this kind of speed can be frustrating especially if you are working from home, into gaming, or a fan of movie streaming.

That is why many Internet users in rural areas are dissatisfied with a slow Internet connection. Luckily, there are ways that you can try to remedy the issue and improve connection reliability.

How to Get High Speed Connection

  • Upgrade

While getting the fastest Internet connection in rural areas is almost impossible, it is important to upgrade to 5G whenever it is available. 5G is the best option since it has a greater capacity for remote execution with faster transmission and lower latency.

Transferring or upgrading to a 5G connection is a better alternative to your existing Internet connection. With 5G, opening emails or downloads will only take seconds.

  • Identify Underlying Issues

How many devices are connected to the Internet at the same time? Is your existing connection wired or wireless? If numerous users are online at once, set up your modem and antenna near your service provider’s antenna. It should be positioned with a clear line of sight to avoid signal issues like little to no service at all.

  • Update Equipment

Make sure that your router can handle high speed Internet connection. Slow Internet connection is experienced if your router technology is outdated which cannot handle or is not capable of taking in new or high speeds.

Shop around for new routers with the latest technology or ask your Internet service provider for an equipment upgrade.

Also, consider checking the number of antennas on your WIFI router as this will also help you get a better Internet speed and connection.

  • Reposition Your Router

Before you decide to do an Internet package upgrade or change provider, always do basic troubleshooting first. Change the position of your router first and make sure it is not set up near the TV or microwave oven as this will affect your Internet speed.

You might want to put it on an elevated angle or an open space without obstruction like the living room or hallway. Avoid putting the WIFI router in dead spots or areas with furniture or fixtures that will block the antenna from obtaining a fast connection.

  • Refrain From Hitting The Reset Button

Should you decide to press the reset button, make sure you have all the necessary details that you will need to re-set up the router. The only thing that you can do with the router is press the ON/OFF button. Switch it off for about 30 minutes and switch it back on.

After exploring these options on how to get high speed Internet in rural areas and you see no improvement, you always have the option to change an Internet service provider or upgrade your Internet package.

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