SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — As the Missouri Senate continues its ongoing work to redistrict the state’s legislative makeup, following losses in the 2012 census, Senate leadership will be seeking input from southwest Missourians at a hearing in Springfield next week.

The Senate Select Committee on Redistricting will be holding a field hearing at the Springfield Chamber of Commerce on the afternoon of February 25.

Senator Scott Rupp (R-Wentzville), Chairman of the Committee, encourages members of the public to attend to provide their input.

“It is important to visit communities throughout the state and hear from citizens firsthand on how they feel about the redistricting process currently underway,” Rupp said in a statement. “[I]t’s vital to ensure that any changes made to district boundaries fairly represent all Missourians in our state.”

Southwest Missouri is not expecting substantial changes during redistricting, because Republicans are expected to target the St. Louis area in an effort to oust Congressman Russ Carnahan (D-St. Loius). But census experts say when one district is changed, it effects all districts.

The hearing will take place on Friday, February 25, from 12:00pm-3:00pm. To schedule testimony, Missourians are asked to contact Melissa DeStefano at (573)522-7895.

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